YA Fans Are Going To Love This Week’s New Book Releases

Plus a new Sara Desai rom-com.

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Anna-Marie McLemore and Brittney Morris return to store shelves this week.

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A traumatized young refugee writes a magazine column under a pseudonym and hides herself away from the rest of the world. Just as she starts to shyly explore her neighborhood, however, an act of violence rocks the community she’s just begun to warm up to, in Silence Is a Sense.
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A teenager turns amateur investigator when a murder rocks her hometown, in Firekeeper's Daughter. Using knowledge passed down from her Native American ancestors, Daunis launches her own inquiry. But as the bodies begin to multiply, she realizes she may be in over her head.
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Daisy needs a fake fiancé to meet her family’s expectations. Her old crush, Liam, is the perfect candidate; he needs to get married if he wants his inheritance. Things ended badly when Liam and Daisy dated before, but surely they can fake an engagement of convenience... right?
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When a murder turns up matching the incarcerated Jigsaw Man’s M.O., D.I. Angelica Henley is thrust into a race against the original killer. Can she find the copycat killer before the Jigsaw Man does?
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When she loses her magical baking abilities after she’s assaulted at a party, Ciela seeks out Lock: a boy who was attacked at the same event. Lock's life is also changed by the trauma, but he has no memory of what happened to him, in this retelling of “The Snow Queen.”
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Alex can see the future of whatever he touches, be it his girlfriend or his car, Talia, neither of which may be in his life for long. But when Alex has a vision of his kid brother’s death, he’s forced to take action in the present to change Isaiah’s future, before it’s too late.
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When Kate’s parents’ business is attacked, Ginger East becomes the focus of a gentrification campaign that threatens to destroy everything her BFF Nelo loves about their local community. Now that Kate's keeping her distance, Nelo may be forced to save Ginger East alone.
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Jen Spyra’s debut fiction collection puts the Late Show with Stephen Colbert writer’s narrative skill on full display. From a creepy Frosty the Snowman retelling to the tale of a time-travelling starlet, Big Time brings plenty to love.
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