Everything To Know About The Coffee Blend In The DNC Swag Bags This Year

You can now drink a cup of joe for Joe.

Biden Blend

Biden Blend

Coffee is a lot more motivating when purchase proceeds go toward supporting your candidate of choice. That's why Charlie Melvoin, a London-based entrepreneur, created Biden Blend coffee: to ensure that Joe Biden is on the minds of voters every morning during their cup of joe.

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How Biden Blend Began

Melvoin says the "Cup of Joe" slogan was a motivating factor in developing a coffee line, but he also wanted to bring politics into Americans' morning routines. After encouragement from a friend in the industry, he created the line, which is unaffiliated with Biden's campaign.

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What started out as a simple way to spread Biden love turned into a stronger bid of support when Biden for President organizers agreed to include 1,700 bags of Biden Blend in gift bags sent to remote delegates. "All of this is my in-kind donation to the campaign," Melvoin says.

Since pretty much all delegates will be remote, it seemed like a meaningful opportunity to bring Biden to them, and of course a great chance to elevate the profile of what we're doing.

Charlie Melvoin

Biden Blend

“Biden Blend” features individually wrapped bags from LA-based Bixby Roasting Co. The coffee is Fair Trade, organic, and comes in compostable packaging. Unlike your typical ground coffee, you steep the individual bags in water, like tea, for five minutes.

The five minute steeping time is an opportunity to act. I want to encourage people to use it to text a friend about Biden, or call someone, or read about his policy proposals, or donate to the campaign — something quick and easy that, in aggregate, can make a huge difference.

- Charlie Melvoin

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What Organization Does Biden Blend Support?

All proceeds will be donated to VoteVets, a progressive organization that supports candidates who prioritize the rights and wellbeing of veterans.

Campaign finance laws make it very tricky for an individual to raise money selling a product, which is why I opted for a nonprofit. I felt that VoteVets was producing meaningful messaging during the campaign.

Charlie Melvoin

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But What Does Joe's Blend Taste Like?

"It's great coffee!" Melvoin says, of the standard medium roast. Though the intensity varies depending on how long you let it steep, it makes a delicious cold or hot brew.


How To Get Biden Blend

A four-pack of coffee bags will cost you $20.20, natch, but you can buy as many as 46 (get it!) packs at a time. You can purchase them online, and 100% of the net profit after taxes will be donated directly to VoteVets.