Your Biggest Questions About Clubhouse, Answered

We've got you covered.

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Clubhouse has grown to over 10 million users since launching in March 2020, but even with all the buzz, you may still have questions about the app. How many invites do you get? When will it be available for Android users? What do people even talk about? Read on to find out.

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How Many Invites Do You Get?

New Clubhouse users start with only two invitations. But while you’re mentally going through which of your friends you can prod for an invite, you can sign up for Clubhouse's waitlist.

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Is It Available On Android?

Not yet. The creators of Clubhouse are working on opening the app to the rest of the world.

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How Many People Can Be In One Conversation?

A whopping 5,000 participants can listen in on the conversations on Clubhouse. The first person to reach capacity on a Clubhouse talk? Elon Musk of course.

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Can You Send A Private Message?

As of now, there's not a private message feature on Clubhouse. But, setting up your profile to be connected to your other social media (like Facebook and Instagram) lets other users easily find you if you want to start a conversation off the app.

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How Do You Start A Closed Room On Clubhouse?

Choose Start A Room and then select the lock icon that says Closed, which will prompt you to add a topic and select who amongst your friends to invite. Others won't be able to find your room unless you switch to public during the call.

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Are Clubhouse Conversations Permanent?

While conversations are recorded by Clubhouse to monitor any potential claims of misconduct, users are not permitted to record conversations. In fact, screen recording will prompt a notification to remind you to think twice.

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What Sort Of Conversations Can You Expect?

The sky is pretty much the limit! Clubhouse has received a rep for being a hybrid podcast tool where people have conversations ranging from best networking practices, pop culture, mental health, and more.

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