Instagram’s New Feature Will Help Credit Black Creators For Their Work

Give kudos where they’re due.


Ever look at an Instagram post and wonder who is responsible for the out-of-this-world makeup or epic styling? On March 7, Instagram announced that its tagging feature would get an upgrade to help facilitate clearer creator credit.

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The feature is called Enhanced Tagging. While similar to the tags you’re used to, the new feature uses Profile Categories so you can specify how each creator was involved in the post.

For example, if a creator shares a photo of a fire manicure they just got, they can tag the nail artist, clearly indicating that the profile they’ve tagged is the person responsible for the work.

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Per NBC, the feature was created by three female engineers — Alexis Michelle Adjei, Cameryn Boyd, and Alexandra Zaoui — who hope that the feature will ensure Black creators get the same career opportunities as more visible users.

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Enhanced Tagging allows for more obvious credit, which is particularly valuable for Black and underrepresented creators who are often overlooked as the original tastemakers.

Crediting is an entryway to building a sustainable career as a creator, while combating cultural appropriation and ensuring the world knows who is driving culture.

Alexis Michelle Adjei, Cameryn Boyd, and Alexandra Zaoui


How To Use Enhanced Tags

After uploading, editing, and captioning your post, tap Tag People, select Add Tag, and find your contributors. Tap Show Profile Category to choose the creator category, and then tap Done and Share.


Creators need to select an account category in order to be properly tagged. If you haven’t done so already, tap Edit Profile, and then Category under Public business information. Then, select the category that fits your account and tap Done.