KFC Is Dropping A Jack Harlow Meal This Summer

Spicy chicken sandwich included, of course.

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KFC is releasing a Jack Harlow Meal this summer.

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While Jack Harlow has been rapping since 2015, he's made headlines with the April 1 drop of his hit bop, "First Class," which samples Fergie's iconic 2006 jam "Glamorous" and has been used in 624K TikTok videos. Now, a fast-food endorsement is Harlow's next big move.


KFC has been partnering with the Kentucky native since December 2021 and is making their celeb partnership even spicier with the launch of the official Jack Harlow Meal that will be available at restaurants nationwide starting June 6.


The Jack Harlow meal includes a spicy chicken sandwich, mac & cheese, secret recipe fries, ranch, and ice-cold lemonade. The classic Mac with the chicken sandwich that was launched in 2021 is a homage to the idea of "old-school meets new-school."

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To celebrate the buzz-worthy meal, a KFC in Atlanta, Georgia is inviting fans for a first taste on Saturday, June 4. Customers will also tune into Harlow's 2022 album, Come Home the Kids Miss You, while they enjoy their fiery sandwich and mac.

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In true collab fashion, new Jack Harlow and KFC merch will be released for a limited time only. Anyone interested can download the official KFC app for premium Jack Harlow content and merch-related updates.

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To taste the Jack Harlow meal without waiting in a super long line, be sure to download the KFC app for a digital order with a quick pick-up option. Pro tip: there are even VIP parking spots for guests who order through the mobile app. 👀

Jack Harlow fans, we see you.

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