Your Guide To Thriving During 2022's First New Moon

It’s the perfect time to think outside the box.

The January 2022 new moon arrives on Jan. 2., 2022.
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Out with the old, in with the fresh ideas. The new moon arrives on Jan. 2 and will march into no-nonsense Capricorn, breathing life into our new goals and encouraging us to create a game plan for the year. Ready for the changes? Follow these do's and dont's.

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Do: Prioritize

Thanks to Capricorn’s ruling planet, steady Saturn, this zodiac sign is responsible and dedicated — making this new moon the perfect time to review your obligations and make lifestyle adjustments. Invest in a planner and get to ironing out those priorities.

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Don’t: Bury Yourself In Work

As tempting as it is to put in extra hours, the new moon is a time to reset. Set boundaries with work and be sure you're delegating enough time to rest. If you feel like you're on the edge of burnout, it's probably a good time for a break (or two).

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Do: Set Realistic Goals

The lunar vibes are all about the planning and organizing processes, so take the Capricorn new moon as the green light to set reachable deadlines for your projects and career goals. You’ll avoid burnout by being practical.

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Don’t: Forget Self-Care

Nothing beats a relaxing night in after a long day at work, so remember to treat yourself. Capricorns are known for their diligence and determination but often blur the line between work and proper self-care. Take time to focus on recharging your batteries.

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Do: Think Outside The Box

Contrary to the traditionalist vibes of Capricorn, this new moon is a good time to see things differently — par for the course as contrarian Aquarius enters Mercury, the planet of the mind on Jan. 1. Give those zany ideas a chance — they might surprise you.

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Don’t: Limit Yourself

Saturn, Capricorn's ruling planet, teaches us responsibility and discipline, so being practical is high on our radar. Give yourself room to dream, especially since the moon forms a harmonious aspect with supernatural Neptune.

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Do: Kickstart Your Goals

Since Capricorns are cardinal signs, we're invited to make those first or next big initiatives in our career. Whether you're launching a business or aiming for a promotion, this lunation is all about having a solid foundation and making money moves.

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