7 Dos & Don’ts For Harnessing The Power Of The March New Moon

Now is not the time to be reckless.

Make sure to follow these March new moon do's and don'ts from an astrologer.
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The March new moon arrives on March 21 at 1:26 p.m. ET. As la luna enters Aries after the spring equinox, expect the lunar event to bring many new beginnings. To make sure your fresh start kicks off smoothly, follow these dos and don’ts from astrologer Brilla Samay.
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DO: Take Action

“Aries is a sign of self-actualization, so use this energy to take decisive steps toward your big goals,” shares Samay. After all, new beginnings don’t just fall into your lap — you have to set the wheels in motion.
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DON’T: Rush Into Things

You’ll probably feel inspired to jump head-first into the projects you’ve been putting off this new moon. While this motivation can be a good thing, Samay urges not to “rush into final decisions without carefully considering your game plan.”
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DO: Set Yearly Intentions

The spring equinox coincides with the astrological new year, so setting intentions for the year(s) ahead is vital. “What you start today has the potential to grow up to the next three years,” says Samay.

DON’T: Get Competitive

Samay warns that Aries is a competitive sign, and if you let yourself get caught up in competition, it might actually end up slowing you down.
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DO: Focus On Yourself

This new moon may be a transitional period for you, so make sure you’re taking care of your wants and needs.
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DON’T: Be Reckless

Aries energy can be impulsive and fiery, so Samay recommends thinking twice to “avoid being reckless or making hasty decisions that could have negative consequences in ruse of exciting movement.”
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DO: Celebrate Your Successes

It's easier said than done, but it feels so good. “When you achieve your goals, take time to celebrate your successes and acknowledge your hard work," says Samay. "Your leadership is seen by many — be sure to see [it] yourself!"

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