Natty Light Is Dropping Boozy Lemonade Popsicles Just In Time For Summer

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Natty Light

Ice Pops Just Got Boozier

Natty Light announced that they’re dropping a new version of their Naturdays flavored beer line: Naturdays Frozen Icicles. The 2-ounce pops come with an 8% ABV per icicle. Here’s everything you need to know about the highly- anticipated summer treat.

Natty Light

The Original Naturdays Beer Vs. Naturdays Frozen Icicles

Natty Light introduced Naturdays beer line in 2019 and the popular drink soon became dubbed as the "perfect summer beer." With the beer soon offered as a frozen treat, we can suspect that it should have a similar turnout.

Natty Light

They Come In Two Flavors

Naturdays are light and fruity, not overly sweet, and super refreshing, so we can suspect the pops will taste similar. Natty Light will continue with their two Naturdays flavors: Strawberry Lemonade and Pineapple Lemonade.

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They Are A Unique Addition to Natty Light

The frozen treats are the most unique product to come from Natural Light. In 2019, Natural Light released a light and fruity summer lager, Naturdays, but these pops are an even further shift from the company’s classic beer roots.

Natty Light
These buzz-worthy ice pops have gotten people excited all over the internet. And apparently, the icicles have already coined the nicknamed “succaronies” from their Twitter fans.

Speaking of frozen treats...

Bud Light introduced limited edition Freeze-A-Rita pops during the summer of 2020. Similar to Natty Light’s ice pops, the Freeze-A-Rita frozen treats were 8% ABV. They came in two margarita flavors: strawberry and lime.

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Natty Light Lemonade Shack Coming To A Spot Near You

Starting in June, Natty Light will travel nationwide with a lemonade shack to promote its newest and most popular summertime refreshments, including the original Naturdays strawberry lemonade beer.

Natural Light

The Ice Pops Are Here For A Limited Time

The Naturdays Frozen Icicles do not have a release date yet, but they’ll be around for only a limited time, so snag them as soon as you can!

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