Natty Light Is Dropping Boozy Lemonade Popsicles Just In Time For Summer

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Your Guide To Naturdays Frozen Icicles
Natty Light

Ice Pops Just Got Boozier

Natty Light announced that they’re dropping a new version of their Naturdays flavored beer line: Naturdays Frozen Icicles. The 2-ounce pops come with an 8% ABV per icicle. Here’s everything you need to know about the highly- anticipated summer treat.

Natty Light

The Original Naturdays Beer Vs. Naturdays Frozen Icicles

Natty Light introduced Naturdays beer line in 2019 and the popular drink soon became dubbed as the "perfect summer beer." With the beer soon offered as a frozen treat, we can suspect that it should have a similar turnout.

Natty Light