Snapchat's New Filter Will Transform Your Pet Into A Disney Cartoon

As if your pup wasn't cute enough already.

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Whether you're trying to cover up a pesky zit, make your lashes look longer, or just want to see how you'd look with a silly face, filters are great for having fun while taking selfies on social media. And now, thanks to a new filter on Snapchat, your dog can join in on the trend, too.

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The filter — Cartoon Face by Snapchat — was made for people to see how they would look as cartoons. It uses AR effects to cover your eyes with animated ones that look like ones out of Frozen or Tangled.

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But one dog owner took to the Dogspotting Society Facebook Page and posted a picture of her dog with the filter over their eyes. The dog looked like it was straight out of a Disney movie. From there, the post blew up — 16K likes, 6K comments, and 4.6K shares — and putting the Cartoon Face filter on dogs became a trend.

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The internet quickly became obsessed.

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If you want to hop on the trend, go to Snapchat and point the camera at your dog once you get them to "sit" and "stay" for a picture (though the filter will work even when they're moving around). Then, scroll through the menu at the bottom until you get to filters.

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Cartoon Face probably isn't in the roll, so tap the Explore icon on the bottom right of the screen. Type in "Cartoon Face" and you'll see the filter pop up. Tap on it and you'll be able to use it on your dog in a video or photo.

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When you’re done, all that’s left to do is show your dog how fabulous they look afterward.

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