14 Peak ’90s BRIT Awards Looks We’d Still Wear Today

From Whitney Houston’s leather corset to Cleopatra’s gold co-ords.

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Far from the glamour of Hollywood ceremonies, the BRITs are known for being fun, camp & at times, downright chaotic – including when it comes to fashion. No era captures this better than the ’90s – when butterfly clips & co-ords reigned supreme – so let’s dive into the looks we loved the most.

Kylie Minogue, 1993

With her naturally curly hair, pared back makeup, and black slip dress, you could drop 1993 Kylie Minogue on the 2021 red carpet and she’d fit right in. Some celebs seem to just get trends right and Kylie is serving all the soft girl vibes here.

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Naomi Campbell, 1993

Let's be real, when has Naomi Campbell ever got it wrong? At the 1993 BRITs she served some serious grunge baddie vibes in a statement necklace and lingerie as outerwear. I know where Halsey is getting her inspo.


Vivienne Westwood, 1994

Vivienne Westwood’s 1994 BRITs look is chaotic and I’m obsessed. Her pink fur coat may have turned heads at the time but you know that it’d be in every Instagrammer’s wardrobe the next day had she worn it in 2021.

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Terence Trent D'Arby, 1995

Plain black tuxes may few and far between on the red carpet these days, but Terence Trent D'Arby was shaking things up over two decades ago. Harry Styles would look totally comfortable in his powder blue suit and geometric shirt.

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Iman, 1996

Iman is another celeb who nailed colour blocking back in the ’90s. The model’s matching red crop top, jacket, and trouser combo made her the real winner of the 1996 BRITs.

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Lauryn Hill & Wyclef Jean, 1997

The Fugees didn’t just shape music, they shaped fashion. In 1997, Lauryn Hill & Wyclef Jean donned these brightly coloured puffer jackets on stage at the BRITs, rocking a norm core look before the concept had even been coined.

JM Enternational/Shutterstock

Denise Van Outen, 1998

I refuse to believe that this one outfit from Denise Van Outen at the 1998 BRITs isn’t responsible for Dua Lipa and Little Mix’s style evolution. The baby blue latex screams hot girl summer 2021 and Van Outen would slot perfectly onto this year's best dressed lists.

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Every Single Spice Girl, 1998

There’s no point picking between them, the Spice Girls’ 1998 BRITs looks were pure perfection.


All Saints, 1998

1998 was the year of the girl band. With their tiny sunglasses, baggy pants, and big jackets, All Saints walked so Billie Eilish could run.

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Whitney Houston, 1999

Whitney Houston’s 1999 BRITs look takes my breath away. It’s painfully sexy and cool. A true fashion visionary.

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Cleopatra, 1999

Knee high boots? Check. Matching bright co-ords? Check. Cute hair accessories? Check. Cleopatra at the 1999 BRITs embody everything that was good about this golden era of fashion. Literally.


Billie Piper, 1999

Billie Piper at the 1999 BRITs looks like every fiercely hot girl you follow on Instagram. If you told me that every online retailer had taken their seasonal collection inspiration from her ’90s looks, I’d believe you. She nails the leather co-ord and low-rise pants like few could.

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Claire Richards, 1999

Steps were the one of the hottest bands on the planet in 1999 and Claire Richards’ ultra-romantic sheer outfit captures the ’90s aesthetic perfectly. Her hair clips are super dainty and the sheer fabric and one-shoulder crop top bring the look right into 2021.

Fiona Hanson/Getty

Cher, 1999

Between the blonde wig and sparkly mini dress, I’m taking all of the energy from Cher’s 1999 BRITs outfit with me into summer 2021. It’s like she saw the e-girl trend coming and wanted to set the bar high.