5 '90s Engagement Ring Trends Making A Comeback

Minimalism that sparkles.

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‘90s trends were all about minimalism, engagement rings included. Stones were set on shanks without ornate designs, using clean bright platinum and white gold. From Marquise cut diamonds to pink stones, here are the top ‘90s engagement ring trends.

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Pink Stones

Though deeply colorful stones have been popular since the engagement ring trend began, pink stones were on the rise during the 1990s. It didn’t hurt that Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Lopez a pink diamond ring with white diamond baguettes upon their engagement.
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Marquise-Cut Diamond

Victoria Beckham was one of the first celebrities to go big with a stone that was more uniquely cut, opting for a Marquise-cut diamond. But it was still minimalist in nature, on a clean shank with little fuss.

Large Single Stones

Many ‘90s brides were looking for a big pop with minimal bells and whistles. Enter: a single large stone. No matter what the cut (be it emerald, round, or marquise), many women sported a single diamond on a clean shank — a trend that is still popular today with the likes of Hailey Bieber and friends.
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Single Stone With Small Baguettes

For the minimalist brides who want a bit of extra sparkle without going over the top, a huge engagement ring trend of the decade was a larger center stone with much smaller baguettes. Brides like Amal Clooney still opted for that trend in later years, allowing the shimmer to continue down the shank without overpowering the center diamond.
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White Metals

No matter the setting, there was a huge shift to clean, white metals during the ‘90s, as opposed to yellow and rose gold. Jennifer Aniston rocked the trend with her engagement ring from Justin Theroux years later, as well.