8 Halloween Nail Art Designs Perfect For 2022 Spooky Season

From cute to downright scary.

Halloween is the time to go out all with your nails. Ghost decals, glitter bombs, and intricate designs of infamous villainous characters — the nail game is always strong during spooky season. Click through for mani inspiration.

United Villains

Freddy Krueger, Mike Myers, Jigsaw. The evilest characters make for some of the spookiest Halloween nail designs.

Spooky French Tips

Can’t decide on just one look? Dress up a classic French manicure with Halloween-themed colors and different designs on each tip.

Casper The Chic Ghost

Dress up friendly ghost details with a tortoiseshell background for something chic and stylish.

Tim Burton Vibes

No one does spooky themes like Tim Burton — pay homage this Halloween with designs inspired by his creations.

Dark Disney

While it may not be the spookiest design, this Halloween-themed Minnie and Mickie Mouse are too adorable to pass up.

Cartoon Effect

Opt for lighter colors with shimmery orange and metallic pinks. The soft combination still feels like it fits the occasion.

Witching Hour

These magical purple and black nails are just screaming to be paired with a witchy costume.

Flaming Hot

Going all out this Halloween? I picture this intricate nail art working extremely well with a Poison Ivy costume.

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