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11 Nostalgic Trends From Paris Fashion Week

Cut-outs, metallic, and more.

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Nostalgic trends took over the runway at Paris Fashion Week, from 2000s-inspired cut-outs to ’60s mod. Ahead, find the biggest style sensations, straight from the fashion capital.

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Blending the silhouettes of the ’70s and metallic craze of the 2000s, Balmain sent shimmery dresses down the runway that signal a very dressed-up and social spring.
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Tailored Sequins

Taking a cue from the early-aughts, Givenchy bas begun mixing disco-inspired sequins with tailored menswear blazers for a party-ready look you’ll wear again and again.
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Voluminous Tulle

Valli did not disappoint with his 18th century-inspired tulle confections that make each model look as though they’re floating on an actual cloud.
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Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look was an indicator of things to come, as much of Balenciaga’s presentation was filled with black spandex catsuits that felt like a nod to ’80s street style.
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Shroomy Toile

Stella McCartney went for the shrooms when it came to her toile, bringing the age-old British pattern into the modern day in a way that was both whimsical and traditional.
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Bright Cutouts

Valentino went the seductive route with 2000s-inspired dresses that are meant-to-be-seen. Not only did the design house play with color, but they also embraced cutout silhouettes reminiscent of the early aughts.
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Mixed Media

Leave it to Hermès to go for that mixed media look, but keep it as traditional as possible, presenting an army of mix-and-match separates in buttery leather and sturdy canvas.
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Leave it to Lanvin to not only promote a voluminous ’80s silhouette through a full-skirted mini dress, but also with embellished flowers that provide even more of a 3D vibe as the garment flows through the wind.
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The New Boho

Isabel Marant is a pro at that very specific surfer meets boho meets tailored aesthetic. With her eyelet Victorian-inspired tops and 1980s-era low-slung surfer shorts, she proves that anything goes.
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Chloé took the 1960s carwash trend to the next level, crafting full dresses of colorful ribbon-like material.
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That Mod Life

Christian Dior also drew inspiration from the 1960s, going totally mod for Spring. What materialized was a chic parade of mini skirts, matching sets, halter shift dresses, and matching color block coats.