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Kim K. Had The Best Response To Tweets About Her Met Look

She shared her favorite comments on the polarizing outfit.

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Kim Kardashian's 2021 Met Gala look, with an entirely covered face, is like a funeral version of her...
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The Kardashians are red carpet staples, so it’s no surprise that multiple members from the family attended the 2021 Met Gala this evening. And before even stepping foot on the steps of the Met, Kim Kardashian already sparked thousands of tweets theorizing the meaning behind her outfit.

Kardashian made her way on down to the Met Gala in all-black ensemble that turned heads and raised eyebrows for its mysterious meaning. Covering her entire body — yes, head to toe including face — the dress strongly resembled the one she wore during Kanye West’s Donda event last month. This time, rather than made of white, this version was constructed entirely of black fabric.

Fans quickly took to Twitter to brainstorm: Does this mean the couple is officially back together after Kardashian filed for divorce? Is it just a PR stunt? Will we actually get an answer, or will the Kardashians leave us with a million questions and countless possibilities?

One thing’s for certain: The Kardashians always know how to break through the noise and cause a conversation to erupt. And that most certainly was the case for this evening.

Kardashian seemed to enjoy reading the tweets and memes as much as her fans, and she had the best response to all the chatter. “What’s more American than a T-shirt head to toe?!,” she posted on Instagram, before sharing a few of the tweets on her IG stories.

Below, scroll down for the posts she shared and other reactions from fans trying to understanding the meaning behind Kardashian’s outfit:

Kim Kardashian’s View

Kardashian shared this tweet on her IG stories after admitting she really couldn’t see Kendall through her full-face mask, but could faintly make out the outline of her sister’s sparkly dress.

Sleep Paralysis Demon

My sleep paralysis demon wears Balenciaga, too.

Bathroom Sign Realness

What’s more American than a chic bathroom sign ‘fit?

Fashion For Your Nerves

When the feeling of being on edge follows you around in style...

Sorry, Do I Know You?

If you can’t recognize your own sister, maybe cut out holes for your eyes next time, Kimmy.

The Best Reaction Of All

Twitter wins with this play on Kourtney’s famous retort to Kim stressing out about her missing diamond: “Kim, there’s people that are dying.” Except this time the second eldest Kardashian sister is dressed in a Batman uniform ready to save them all.

Could It Be True?

It appears so...

It’s Spooky

Well, October is right around the corner after all.

Ninja Chic?

That may be more camp than “In America: A Lexicon on Fashion”...but werk.

Sis Lost Her Shadow

That’s a lewk, TBH.

A Ryan Murphy Collab In Action?

Honestly that’s an iconic crossover.

Full Glam Or Bare Faced?

Fans want to know: Is Kim bare faced beneath there, or is she in full glam?

Could A Reveal Be Coming?

Mario Kart is calling...

She Is The Moment

No question about that!

Is It Merch, Maybe?

And when can we purchase our own?

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