The Best New Books Out The Week Of July 6

Summer reads never looked so good.

Life writing from women in medicine and astronomy, as well as stories from those reckoning with trauma, land in stores this week.

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As her twin brother's wedding approaches, an exiled princess whose touch can kill must determine her own fate in this feminist fairy tale.
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Mixing memoir with reflections on how the United States criminalizes addiction and makes a luxury out of recovery programs, Erica C. Barnett's poignant memoir is a must-read this summer.
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When unnerving details about her school's history come to light, they force novelist Lacy Crawford to re-examine the events that followed her own trauma in this raw memoir.
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A college dropout begins her search for love in all the wrong places in this darkly comedic, tender novel from the author of 'Binary Star.'
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Michele Harper's memoir of starting a new career in the wake of her divorce, 'The Beauty in Breaking' delves deeply into our differences and similarities, and how they make us human.
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A planetary scientist combines memoir with reflections on humanity's fascination with visiting, exploring, and colonizing the Red Planet in this stunning debut.
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One of the year's most anticipated thrillers, Camilla Läckberg's 'The Golden Cage' examines the fraught relationship of a once-successful couple from strikingly different economic backgrounds.
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A culture critic joins the cast of a popular reality show intending to criticize it, but finds herself falling unexpectedly in love on set, in this fantastic new rom-com.
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A wife and mother facing bankruptcy finds herself attempting to revive a long-lost friendship, only to learn that her old comrade is facing a similar tragedy, in this brilliant novel from the author of 'Hold Still.'
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When her BFF writes a movie-deal-securing book inspired by her non-existent romance with her boss, Chloe finds herself forced to take a second look at Nick. But will she see true love, or is the movie totally baseless?
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