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11 Adventurous Date Ideas Inspired By Your Favorite Movies

Give ziplining a try.

If you've exhausted all your at-home date options, then it's officially time to plan an adventurous date inspired by your favorite movies. Because even though social distancing is still important, you can still have fun. Here, a few ideas that'll help you break from routine.

Ride Bikes

Start off by riding your bikes this weekend, just like in this scene from Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. Nothing beats the feeling of wind in your hair, especially when you've been inside for days on end. And if you happen to break into song? So be it.

Put Your Skates On

Inspired by Whip It!, dust off your old pair of roller skates (or get new ones) and spend the day gliding down the sidewalk together. Keep practicing until you can do tricks, or at least stay upright for more than two seconds.

Give Ziplining A Try

If you can find a zipline course open near you, spend the day flying through the sky, à la pretty much every character in Girl's Trip. (Hopefully you won't get stuck midway, but if you do, it'll at least make for a funny story.)

Go (Glam) Camping

Recreate the quaint camping scenes from Moonrise Kingdom by heading out into the woods (or your yard) with all the comforts of home. Bring a record player, cool outfits, and lots of books. But most importantly, just enjoy being outside.

Stay Up All Night

Tear a page from Superbad and decide right now that you're going to stay up all night, no matter what. Because when you have nothing else to do, silly challenges like this one can make for a super fun date.

Go Sightseeing

Let Amélie inspire you to enjoy your city with fresh eyes. Even though you can't travel somewhere far away right now, there's likely a ton you've yet to appreciate within a five mile radius. Visit parks, take photos, and see what adventures you can get into.

Get Tattoos

For a different take on adventure, consider getting a tattoo, like Pete Davidson's character in The King of Staten Island. Or for something a little less intense, get second ear piercings, or make like everyone else in quarantine and dye each other's hair.

Cook Something New

While you don't have to cook 524 recipes, like Julie did in Julie & Julia, you and your partner can flip through a cookbook at random, and vow to make whatever you land on — however difficult or gourmet it might be.

Head Out On The Open Road

You might not be able to get your hands on an amazingly retro Volkswagon van, like the one in Little Miss Sunshine, but you can still have a good time road tripping together. Set out sans plans, and trust that cool things will happen along the way.

Learn A New Sport

If you're craving some exercise, why not spend an afternoon learning a new sport together? Pull up a few YouTube tutorials and practice the basics of ballet, like in Center Stage, soccer like in Bend It Like Beckham, or even boxing, like in Million Dollar Baby.

Float In A Pool

Did you just watch Palm Springs and love it? While I don't recommend getting caught in a Groundhog's Day-type time warp, let it inspire you to romantically float in a pool together with drinks in hand. Because sometimes, that's all the adventure you need.