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11 Date Ideas Inspired By Bridgerton

Get ready to promenade.


Bridgerton might take place in early 1800s London, but that doesn't mean you can't go on Bridgerton inspired dates today. I mean, who doesn't want to ballroom dance? Listen to an opera? Or promenade? If any of that strikes your fancy, read on.



One of the things Daphne and Simon have to do as part of their ruse is promenade around the lake, whilst pretending to be a couple in love. So grab your date, find a sidewalk, and start strolling.


Tea Party

Tea, tea, everywhere. (This is London, after all.) Turn the theme into a date by spending an afternoon sipping from fancy teacups and politely eating tiny sandwiches — all while wearing your best outfits, of course.


Try Ballroom Dancing

While you can't attend an actual ball, you can certainly recreate one in your living room. Pull up dance tutorials on YouTube, dim the lights, and try them out. (Don't forget to look deep into each other's eyes.)


Play Garden Sports

Venture out into the garden on a sunny day and spend hours tossing hoops over sticks. Or, you know, playing bocci ball or croquet.

Extra points if you wear a hat.


Row On A Lake

If you have a lake nearby, see about renting a rowboat so you can paddle around. To be extra Bridgerton-y, pack a picnic lunch.


Visit A Garden

Nothing says "1800s date" quite like throwing yourselves around a garden. If you grow weary while smelling roses, refresh yourselves with neighborhood gossip.


Go On A Horse & Carriage Tour

What could be more romantic than touring around your city by horse-drawn carriage? Cozy up to each other and take in the air.


Enjoy A Fancy Dinner

Light candles, sit down to dinner, and have an unruly debate. It would make Lady Bridgerton most proud.


Listen To An Opera

Amuse yourselves by listening to an opera. (Just try not to fall in love with the soprano.)


Spend A Night At The Inn

If you're feeling rakish, take your date to an inn for the night.


Watch Fireworks

The next time your town is putting on a fireworks display, rush there with haste. Because nothing's more romantic than sitting (or dancing) beneath sparklers with your beloved.