8 Things Bustle’s Health & Wellness Editor Is Staying Hydrated With

Quenching my thirst one day at a time.

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While water will always be the gold medalist of the hydration Olympics, sometimes you want to jazz it up. These seven products have helped me do that.

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I don’t drink a ton of soda, but seltzer isn’t always fun enough to combat the mid-afternoon sleepies. These new drinks from Health-Ade combine the goodness of kombucha with the familiar sweetness and fizz of a conventional pop (except, you know, healthyish).
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Obviously a candle is not a beverage, but I like these supermarket staples to keep my house smelling fresh. Once the soy wax is used up, I wash out the jars and add to my cabinet; they’re the perfect size for anything from water to wine.
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These handy packets were designed for on-the-go caffeinating; although I no longer go anywhere, they’re great single-servings of matcha — my preferred way to caffeinate after 12 p.m. so I can actually sleep that night.
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The OG of hydration accessories. Although New York tap water is delicious straight from the sink, it’s nice having a jug of fridge-temp water always available.
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I really don’t know what it is about this Brooklyn-endorsed mineral water, but it lives up to the hype. 10/10 for taste, bubbliness and bottle design. (And yes, I reuse the bottles and take them to the park for clout.)
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My biggest quarantine hobby has been making elaborate meals out of things that are about to go bad. (America wastes enough food as it is!) When my stomach doesn’t love the fact that I insisted on eating a very sad-looking zucchini, I soothe it with this tea.
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I have tried what feels like thousands of kinds of oat milks since going dairy-free in February, and this one is by far the standout — for coffee, at least.
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Is alcohol hydrating? No! Are these delicious? Extremely! These drinks are summer in a can and perfect for a post-work picnic (in a koozie, of course).
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