7 Women On What Helped Them When They Had COVID

From sunlight to excellent reads.

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Over 19 million people in the U.S. have had COVID-19, according to NBC News. While getting through COVID and its post-virus symptoms can be a nightmare, there are some little things that can help people endure mild cases.

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Seven women share their tips and tricks on what helped them through the tough COVID-19 recovery process, alongside medicine and rest.

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"I had COVID when six months pregnant in March. I coughed so much I pulled muscles in my chest and I still have reduced taste and smell and get wheezy quickly in the cold. Time and exercise have helped improve things though; the fitter I am the better I feel!"

Meg, 33

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"I had COVID in March and should have learned quicker that I needed to pace getting better. Two hideous relapses later, the message got through: you can't rush or supercharge or find hacks for recovery. All you can do is take it day by day; knowing that has made it easier."

Rebecca, 34

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"I experienced COVID in mid-March and ended up quarantining 4,000 miles away from family for nearly a month. Time felt like it froze, and the days felt endless; my mental health deteriorated quickly. I credit my daily dose of sunlight and some fantastic reads with my recovery."

Imogen, 25

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"It might sound strange, but launching a startup helped me get through COVID. I caught COVID early on when little was known about it. It was scary, but there was so much to think about in relation to the app, though, I just didn’t have time to dwell on it."

Jess, 30

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"I had COVID in mid November. I was almost asymptomatic. I knew I couldn't cope with sitting on the sofa all day, so I did yoga and stretching for the first 10 days. I also tried to get some daylight. I think keeping some structure in my day was helpful too."

Michelle, 34

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"While my symptoms were mild, my mind wasn’t. Fear takes over because you’re so afraid to transmit this virus. The one thing that scared me most is the very thing that helped me through it: being afraid of harming my loved ones caused me to be vigilant in protecting them."

Alexandria, 31

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"I was lucky in that I had a mild [case], but I still had about 10 days where I had a high temp, cough, tight chest, heart palpitations, and dizziness. I don’t think I was bad enough to need any more than lots of sleep; my partner kept my small children away when I was sleeping!"

Jill, 42