9 New Must-Read Books Debuting This Week

Including a cult survivor’s captivating memoir and a tale of two young lovers.


Looking for your new favorite author? You're in luck this week.

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Charlie Jane Anders makes her YA debut with Victories Greater than Death. The novel tells the story of a girl destined — but totally unprepared — to be a hero.
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In her debut collection, Bolu Babalola brings ancient myths and legends into the modern day.
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Lauren Hough has led an interesting life, and she explores it all in Leaving Isn’t the Hardest Thing — from growing up in (and escaping) the Children of God, to working an eclectic mix of jobs, to realizing her dream of becoming a writer.
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J. Nicole Jones’ family their fortune by developing Myrtle Beach into a tourism hotspot. In Low Country, Jones recounts her clan’s financial rise and fall.
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Larissa and her granddaughter Natasha have always been close, but it isn’t until they begin Skyping from opposite sides of the Atlantic that they realize how similar their stories are.
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Serial killer Louis Charbon plagued the city during his life. Now, his death mask has been stolen, leaving Charbon free to kill again — and only one small group of Regulators can stop him.
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In Caleb Azumah Nelson’s powerful debut novel, a pair of lovers find themselves pulled apart by one’s inability to be vulnerable.
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Ruthie doesn’t have time for love; she’s practically married to her job at the local retirement center. But when she’s forced to interact with the new owner’s bad-boy son, she begins to wonder if there might be something more to life than work.
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Evangeline arrives in town at what could be the worst possible time — just after the deaths of two teenagers. But the pregnant teen soon finds herself bonding with both of the grieving families.
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