10 New Must-Read Books Hitting Stores This Week

Including LGBTQ+ sci-fi adventures, memoirs, and more.

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Debut novels from Zoe Hana Mikuta and Camille Baker and more great new books await you.

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When a strange new app promises to reconnect her with her soulmate — someone she’s met before — Corinne knows she’d be a fool to pass the opportunity up. But things get tricky when she meets a new love interest the old-fashioned way.
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Living in her late aunt’s manor, Bri — a girl with a magically green thumb — throws herself into an already-thriving apothecary business, taking ingredients directly from the estate's expansive garden. But Bri's customers may want more than she can provide.
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The first trans bride featured on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress, Precious Brady-Davis has spent years in the spotlight. Now, she tells her own story, from growing up in Nebraska’s foster-care system to blazing her own path as a high-profile, Black trans woman.
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Robin’s known for a while that she likes girls, but out lesbian teens aren’t too common in tiny midwestern towns. In A.R. Capetta’s Stranger Things prequel novel, Rebel Robin, fans learn how everyone’s favorite sarcasm queen came into her own.
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New Yorker editor Clare Sestanovich makes her publishing debut with Objects of Desire — a compilation of eleven stories, each of which is exquisitely observed, and sure to stay with you long after you’ve finished.
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When Jackie inherits her uncle’s California mansion, she finds herself reliving one fateful summer — the summer her cousin, Willa, disappeared — all over again. It's been 20 years, but the party’s picked up right where it left off, and it may hold new clues about Willa’s fate.
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When Lorna leaves France to return to the U.S. in search of her next chapter, she finds herself presented with an array of family problems, not least of which concerns her beloved 15-year-old granddaughter: a diabetic, who is pregnant and planning to keep her baby.
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Zoe Hana Mikuta’s debut novel is the sapphic mecha adventure you didn’t know you needed. Sona and Eris — a Windup pilot and a resistance fighter — appear to be mortal enemies, but they’re actually fighting for the same cause. Soon, the duo team up to become something more.
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In ’50s New York, Simon, a newly minted editor, is assigned to work on a sexy novel about Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Simon’s mother was a good friend of Ethel’s, however, and his proximity to the source material makes him question the novel’s morality.
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Anita Sethi was journeying through Northern England when she became the victim of a hate crime; determined not to let the racist perpetrator ruin her experience, she continued on. She recounts her travels in I Belong Here, a memoir about race, identity, and homeland.
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At 29, writer Doree Shafrir was an intern; in her late 30s, she came into her own; and at 41, she became a first time mom. In Thanks for Waiting, Shafrir opens up about hitting milestones at her own pace.
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