Drag Race All Stars Queens Reveal Their Favorite Regular Season

The AS6 sisters tell us their favorite regular Drag Race season — other than ones they’ve competed on.

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Eureka O’Hara: “Season 4”

“Probably Season 4. I think that was the season that really put [Drag Race] on the map. There were so many iconic queens, [like] Sharon Needles. And the love and cultness that came out of the show [that season] took it mainstream, I feel,” she tells Bustle.

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Kylie Sonique Love: “Season 5”

“My favorite season of Drag Race is Season 5. There [were] a lot of girls from the pageant circuit on that season, and I really feel like we should have more of that because that is the root where drag has evolved from. And Season 5 is definitely way more entertaining. Those girls — especially the top 5 [Jinkx Monsoon, Alaska, Roxxxy Andrews, Detox, and Coco Montrese] — were everything.”


Ra’Jah O’Hara: “Season 2”

“My favorite is Season 2. That season absolutely solidified Drag Race as the phenomenon that it is. They got the lighting right. The queens were interesting. It was very diverse for where we were in that time. I love the queens that were there [and] the winner, Tyra [Sanchez]. Sometimes the girls in the room can’t take a b*tch, but she was that b*tch, and she did her thing.”


Ginger Minj: “Season 5”

“Oh, the best season hands down is Season 5. It has some of the best drama. It has some of the best looks. It has some of the best queens. I fell in love with Drag Race through Season 5.”


Pandora Boxx: “Season 6”

“I really loved Season 6 — even though I think Bianca Del Rio is a mega-b*tch, but she deserved to win. Also my really good friend Darienne [Lake] is on it. I think it was really a great, dynamic season. It was very entertaining from start to finish, and it’s probably the last one I fully watched.”


Trinity K. Bonet: “Season 12”

“[Season] 12 with Jaida [Essence Hall]. She’s one of my favorite queens outside of Drag Race, and I thought that [that season had] a lot of friendships, and I like that side of Drag Race. I like the idea that we can do the show, compete, and not necessarily be at each other’s throats. I didn’t get a lot of that from this season. I enjoyed that season. It seemed a little more friendship-y.”


Yara Sofia: “Season 6”

“F*ck, I don’t know. I like them all. I like Season 6!”


Serena ChaCha: “Season 3”

“Oh my gosh. I’ve gotta say my favorite season was — [*points to Yara Sofia*] this b*tch was on Season 3? Yeah, oh my gosh. All those people became my friends eventually. I was such a fan of Yara, so to [become] a close sister of hers is humbling. But we’re so close, because here’s Puerto Rico, and here’s Panama. We’re united.”

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Jan: “Season 6”

“My favorite is Season 6. [Seasons] 4, 5, and 6 are all really hard to pick, but 6 was the first season that I watched live, so I got to fall in love with these queens in real time. I remember seeing Detox in that black and white outfit at the reunion, and I was like, ‘How didn’t she win?’ I didn’t understand how the show worked, but [Season 5] is honorable mention as the second best. They’re so close.”


A’Keria C. Davenport: “Season 10”

“I'm gonna have to say [Season] 10, and the reason I say 10 is because it started out for me. [Season] 10 was the one I actually studied in order to get ready for Season 11. I enjoyed the girls that were on Season 10, and sh*t, that’s pretty much it.”


Jiggly Caliente: “Season 4”

“I mean, Season 4 is the motherf*ckin’ best. But if not my [own] season, definitely Season 6.”

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Scarlet Envy: Seasons 4 or 6

“My favorite regular season of Drag Race is probably Season 4 or Season 6. It’s a tie. And if you put them together, then I’ll say Season 10. That was a math joke.”


Silky Nutmeg Ganache: “Season 2”

“My favorite is Season 2. I think if I had done drag earlier, I would definitely fit in with Season 2, because they had some of the best girls, [like] Pandora Boxx, Kylie Sonique [Love], and Raven. I think the girls were more authentic then, ’cause they wasn’t worried about editing [or] public perception. They was just trying to make a better life for themselves, and that was my goal for coming on Drag Race as well,” Silky tells Bustle.


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