Drag Race All Stars 6 Queens Reveal Their Biggest Competition

“Start your engines, and may the best drag queen win!”

A’keria C. Davenport, Kylie Sonique Love, Scarlet Envy, Jan, Eureka!, Ginger Minj, Pandora Boxx, Jig...
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images


“I walked in and A’Keria and Jiggly were there and I just couldn’t believe the sets of teeth on both of them. They looked so good and I was like, ‘My parents paid for a good orthodonture. How do I have the worst teeth in the room right now?’ From there on, anybody with nicer teeth than me [was] competition.” // Photo courtesy of Empire State Realty Trust

A’Keria C. Davenport

“I was the first one to walk in for [All Stars 6], so I instantly went to the mirror and spoke to my competition, which is my inner saboteur. And then as the girls started trickling in, I was like, ‘OK. OK. OK. So this is going to be one of those seasons. You can’t pick out a clear-cut winner because all of the girls are fighting. And I’m from pageantry, so I never underestimate anybody because listen, the moment you slip and get comfortable, baby, the next girl is right on you.” // Photo courtesy of Empire State Realty Trust