10 Must-Read New Books Out This Week

Including Edward Enninful’s memoir, Tiffany D. Jackson’s latest, and a re-released Stacey Abrams novel.

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New titles from Tiffany D. Jackson, Claire North, Anna-Marie McLemore and more are hitting bookstores.

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When a body washes up on the shores of the tony Chicago suburb where Tragedy Powell lives with her husband, she finds herself questioning everything about her life — and willing to risk losing it all.
From British Vogue’s first Black editor-in-chief comes A Visible Man, a stunning memoir of life behind-the-scenes at fashion’s hottest glossies.
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Twenty-five years ago, their classmates predicted that Melissa, Priya, Suki, and Tara would do great things. Now, a quarter of a century later, the four friends realize they haven’t made their dreams come true — and set out to make their marks on the world.
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Long ago, a witch cursed her family to live loveless lives, but Mai Nguyen’s psychic advisor tells her that her clan’s woes may soon be at an end. In light of this news, Mai and her estranged daughters find themselves on a collision course.
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After people in Maddy’s tiny, majority-white hometown learned that her mom was Black, Maddy was caught in a whirlwind of drama, and her high school began planning its first integrated prom. But as the big day approaches, Maddy begins to realize that she can’t trust some of her “allies.”
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Nick, a trans Latino man, moves to New York to start a new life for himself, and befriends his über-wealthy neighbor, Jay, who’s also trans. Jay carries a torch for Nick’s cousin, and Nick agrees to play matchmaker — but soon finds himself wishing he was with Jay.
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Renato — an activist who has purposely contracted HIV — embarks on a mission to retrieve his brother’s body, after he dies in a prison-like hospital for HIV-positive patients. Along for the ride is his late brother’s lover, Rafa, who’s forced to continue alone when Renato disappears.
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If you’ve ever wondered what the hell Penelope was doing for 20 years while her husband was gone, pick up Claire North’s Ithaca, which is set three years before Odysseus’ return, and sees the queen face a war at her own front door.
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When they’re suddenly targeted by the same mercenary network they’ve spent 40 years working for, four retiring assassins must flip the script and hunt down their former employers in this new mystery from A Curious Beginning author Deanna Raybourn.
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First published in 2001, Stacey Abrams’ debut novel finally gets its re-release this week. Here, a pair of intelligence agents forced to fake-date for a mission find themselves falling in love for real — even as danger lurks around every corner.
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