21 Photos Of Ben Affleck Holding Coffee, Cigarettes, Or J.Lo’s Hand

Was the picture of him holding Starbucks a glitch in the matrix?

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Ben Affleck’s Holy Trinity is coffee, cigarettes, and his wife Jennifer Affleck.

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J.Lo and a cigarette? Two outta three here for Ben! Are they on their way to Dunkin’? Did they just have coffee? Is he smiling thinking about Dunks? Probably.

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He is rarely seen without one of them, sometimes holding a combination. It’s called balance!

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Aside from his longtime love J.Lo, Affleck is known for his Dunkin’ obsession. He has been documented throughout the years by photographers and fans with a coffee in hand.

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However, Affleck was spotted in November holding a Starbucks cup, much to fans’ surprise. How did this happen? Maybe it’s a glitch in the matrix.

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More often than not, sightings of Affleck in public include “holding a coffee.” (Don’t ask how many pictures we researched for this article.)

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I have Dunkin’ Donuts every day. It’s very weird, I have it every day and people are always like, Where is that? Is that near here?’ So, I feel like I’m spreading the word,” he once told Collider. What a trendsetter!

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As for his go-to Dunks order? A blind item from celeb gossip site deuxmoi reports that his usual is “iced coffee with a sh*tload of sugar.”

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The Oscar winner added that it’s “amazing” that there was a Dunkin’ in Los Angeles.

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Vulture also notes that the coffee chain claims they don’t keep his order on file, but we’ll be calling it The Ben Affleck next time we’re at Dunks.

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Along with his love for coffee, the Boston native is known for his smoking habit. It has even become a meme as a reaction to stressful situations.

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Though this throwback of Bennifer 1.0 doesn’t look too stressful, IMO.

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Not even the lockdown and mask mandates would stop Affleck from getting his coffee ... or a smoking break in.


... or Jennifer Lopez.

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Affleck was spotted as recently as Aug. 9 on a Dunkin’ run with J.Lo in Santa Monica.

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All she needed was a Boston shirt for Affleck’s morning ritual, full of hugs, kisses, and a crinkled Dunks bag.

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Ben isn’t the only Affleck that runs on Dunkin’. His brother, Casey, famously did a skit on Saturday Night Live in 2016 in which he referred to himself as “The Mayor of Dunkin’.” What’s that make Ben then???

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The King of Dunkin’, obvi.

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He’ll smoke to that!

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In the meantime, we’ll be ordering a Ben Affleck at Dunkin’ in honor of our caffeinated king. One iced coffee with a sh*tload of sugar to go, please!

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