9 Unexpected Facts You Didn’t Know About Romance Novel Fans

The love triangle is out.

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To gather insights — and bust common myths — Frolic Media recently conducted an online survey among 1,000 romance fans to put together a report on the state of the genre. From where they live to how COVID-19 has affected their habits, here's everything you need to know.

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We really wanted to show that romance fans are dynamic people — we're all shapes, sizes, colors, levels of education, geographical location, and tastes, but at the end of the day, we all want a great love story.

—Frolic Media co-founders Lisa Berger and Sarah Penna, tell Bustle

More Than One-Third Of Romance Fans Are Millennials

If you thought love stories were just for olds, the survey found that 35% of romance fans are 18-34 years old.

Romance Fans Live All Over The Country

Frolic Media found that romance fans are evenly spread across the U.S. — shattering the stereotype that they live only in some parts of the country.

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What's Most Important To Romance Fans?

Survey participants rated these as "very important" qualities in their books, TV shows, and movies.

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Myth #1 About Romance Fans

“That it’s just books with shirtless men rescuing damsels in distress and lots of sex.” — Survey participant

More Romance Fans Want Something New...

... Versus re-watching a TV show or re-reading a book.

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Romance Fans Are Picking Up A Good Book More Often

And 46% said they've been watching TV more since March, too.

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What Romance Fans Want Right Now

True crime is so 2019. During the pandemic, it's all about uplifting stories for romance fans.

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The Most Popular Romance Themes

As for the least popular trope? The love triangle.

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Myth #2 About Romance Fans

“We're stupid, we're not discerning. We're sad, lonely women who can't find men. We're anti-feminist.” — Survey participant

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What's Next For Romance?

"We predict a lot more Cinnamon Roll heroes (Cinnamon Roll heroes are super sweet, supportive, and kind) and low-angst romance," Berger and Penna say. Their Cinnamon Roll hero recommendation: Wild Rain by Beverly Jenkins.

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