Drag Race All Stars 6 Queens Reveal Their Biggest Competition

“Start your engines, and may the best drag queen win!”

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“I walked in and A’Keria and Jiggly were there and I just couldn’t believe the sets of teeth on both of them. They looked so good and I was like, ‘My parents paid for a good orthodonture. How do I have the worst teeth in the room right now?’ From there on, anybody with nicer teeth than me [was] competition.” // Photo courtesy of Empire State Realty Trust

A’Keria C. Davenport

“I was the first one to walk in for [All Stars 6], so I instantly went to the mirror and spoke to my competition, which is my inner saboteur. And then as the girls started trickling in, I was like, ‘OK. OK. OK. So this is going to be one of those seasons. You can’t pick out a clear-cut winner because all of the girls are fighting. And I’m from pageantry, so I never underestimate anybody because listen, the moment you slip and get comfortable, baby, the next girl is right on you.” // Photo courtesy of Empire State Realty Trust

Silky Nutmeg Ganache

“A'Keria Chanel Davenport, because that's my sister, my good Judy. I know how she prepares, even for like a pageant. Drag is our career now and I know that Ms. Davenport doesn’t play no games. She was definitely the one that I was looking out for, but in the midst of knowing that she was my biggest competition, it also pushed me to make sure that I'm her biggest competition.” // Photo courtesy of Empire State Realty Trust

Jiggly Caliente

“I saw Ginger [Minj] walk in and I said, ‘This bitch. Why?’ I work with Ginger so much that I know all her strengths. She can sing, she can dance, she can act — all the things that RuPaul likes. So I was like, ‘Oh great. I want to be the favorite!’” // Photo courtesy of Empire State Realty Trust

Ginger Minj

“I walked in and A’Keria looked so stunning from head to toe. She looked like this golden sparkling statue and she had already made it to the top of season 11, so I looked at her and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, she's going to be like huge competition for me!’ And then of course Jiggly, or as I call her Mrs. Jiggle. I know how talented she is, how bad she wants it, and how much she feels like she has to prove to the world. So I knew that the two of them were really going to give me a run for my money.” // Photo courtesy of Empire State Realty Trust

Pandora Boxx

“I kind of didn’t know,” she said when asked who she thought was her biggest competition after walking into the werk room. “I thought everybody was competition. Because everybody looks great. Everybody came in with this fierce attitude. So I was just like, ‘Oh, this could be anybody’s game.’” // Photo courtesy of Empire State Realty Trust


“My biggest competition? RuPaul. I like to say that my biggest competition is myself and my inner saboteur, so that I can grow or whatever. Anyway, b*tch, no. Honestly? Every single h*e I saw in there, because you could see fire in their eyes. Girl, the looks were right! ... I was the last one in the room and they all were sizing me up. And I'm a big girl!” // Photo courtesy of Empire State Realty Trust

Scarlet Envy

“I’m going to echo that. It’s probably not the answer you want, but I think [it’s] the answer you’re going to get from most people. That’s what I think is so cool about this season. There isn’t exactly a frontrunner. Instead of thinking, ‘Oh, that’s the only one I have to worry about,’ I have to worry about everyone.” // Photo courtesy of Empire State Realty Trust

Trinity K. Bonet

“I came in wanting to compete against myself versus the people that were around me because these are some of the most talented girls in the business. And I am first a fan, second a sister. I knew that any one of these girls could whoop up on me. And that’s just what it is. And you feel nothing about it because we’re all all stars. It’s an even playing field, and you’ve got to give a girl their props when they turn it.” // Photo courtesy of Empire State Realty Trust

Serena ChaCha

“For me, there is no competition. They are just potential clients.” // Photo courtesy of Empire State Realty Trust

Kylie Sonique Love

“The show is a competition against other people. But for me it was never a competition about who’s in the room. It’s about competing against myself. I feel that once I look around the room and try to compare myself to someone else, I’ve limited myself. So there was no competition against my sisters. It was about proving to myself how well I can do in these challenges.” // Photo courtesy of Empire State Realty Trust

Ra’Jah O’Hara

“For me walking into the room, I wasn’t worried about any of the girls because I knew I had got that phone call to say, ‘Girl, come back and do your thing!’ So what I was going to do, I was going to come back in that room and do my thing.” // Photo courtesy of Empire State Realty Trust

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