Where To Find Juicy Juice, SunnyD, & More Drinks You Loved In The '90s

Nine classics you can still pair your Dunkaroos with.

by Syeda Khaula Saad

While some of these drinks launched well before the 90s, nothing defined the decade quite like these sips.

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After a long fraction problem, nothing tasted as good as a tall cold glass of chocolate milk. It was the best way moms could get kids to drink milk and actually enjoy the taste.
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When orange juice just wasn't cutting it, SunnyD was your tangy go-to. And thanks to Amazon, it still can be.
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Could it get more 90s than a juice box? These small packs of juice packed as much flavor as their boxes did color — and that’s a lot.
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If apple juice was more of your flavor, then Juicy Juice was probably your go-to juice box. With no added sugar, it was a favorite for both kids and parents.
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AriZona teas were the cool drinks you got to drink out of a can when soda wasn’t allowed. And even after all these years, you can still get one for just 99 cents.
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These delicious pouches were just as much fun to play with as they were to drink. In the words of every Capri Sun commercial ever, “Don’t mess with the pouch.”
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These were the ultimate after-school drink. You could buy a single barrel for just 25 cents and trade colors with friends. And now, you can get a pack of 40 for less than $6.
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Another chocolate drink that was definitely a favorite. It’ll have you saying, “Yoo-hoo!” even two decades later.
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Tang was aptly named, as this vitamin C drink packed a mean punch. Who needs a morning coffee?
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