Everything You Need To Know About The New iPad Air

Katie McDonald of Apple’s worldwide iPad product marketing team tells us what sets the device apart.

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On March 8, Apple announced the powerful new iPad Air. If you're considering getting one, here's everything you need to know, from noteworthy features to how creators are using the device.

iPad Air generally is really loved for being thin, light, and powerful. This new iPad Air takes that to the next level.

— Katie McDonald of Apple’s worldwide iPad product marketing team

As for the key features, there’s plenty to take note of. “We introduced the Apple-designed M1 chip, which delivers a big leap in performance,” says McDonald, adding that it also has 5G, a faster USB-C port, and a front camera with Center Stage (which is great for video calls).

What Can I Use The iPad Air For?

“It's just such a versatile device that it can fit into people's workflows really seamlessly,” says McDonald, adding that it can be used to take, edit, and post videos on social media; to keep a detailed diary using Apple Pencil; or to edit landscape photography on the go.

But it doesn’t stop there. McDonald says you can use the device as a DIY project tool with the SketchUp app to create 3D objects. AR experiences are possible too, whether it’s via an Apple Arcade game or taking a product — like a couch — and putting it in your room to see how it looks.

We’re super focused on making iPad incredibly productive and easy to use for folks. It's always been a touch-first device that's really intuitive to use.

— Katie McDonald of Apple’s worldwide iPad product marketing team

If you’re all about boosting productivity, Apple’s Notes app and Calendar app come built into the iPad Air. “Notes was very enhanced in iPadOS 15,” McDonald says. “You're able to have collaborative notes with mentions and organize them in really great ways.”

Apps can also take your organizing and goal-planning game to the next level. McDonald points to GoodNotes for note-taking; Procreate for creativity and bullet journaling, where you can design your own headings; and Flow by Moleskin for drawing and sketching on the go.

Here’s What Creators Are Making

Some creators like Kirstin of KDigitalStudio use the iPad to make digital planners, notebooks, and templates, while others like Dani DiPirro of @positivelypresent, use Procreate to create social media — and book — illustrations.

Dani DiPirro
What Other iPads Are Available?

“We continue to offer the iPad 9th generation, which packs a punch with that A13 chip, and support for Apple Pencil,” says McDonald. “An iPad Pro on the other side of things [continues] to feature our most advanced technologies for people who want the ultimate iPad experience.”

When we think about the iPad Air, we really think of it as this perfect device for people who want to step up to just do more on an iPad.

— Katie McDonald of Apple’s worldwide iPad product marketing team

The new iPad Air comes in space gray, starlight, pink, purple, and blue finishes. Wi-Fi models start at $599 and Wi-Fi + cellular models start at $749.

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