My Honest Review Of Pixy, Snap’s New Flying Camera

Consider your selfie game upped.


On April 28, the Pixy, a flying camera outfitted in Snap’s signature yellow hue, went on sale for $229.99, or $249.99 including two extra battery packs and a charger. The device hovers around you, taking pictures or video in modes you set with a wheel on top of the drone.

I tried the Pixy for a week, and here are my honest thoughts.
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How Does Pixy Work?

The Pixy is easy to set up. You pair the device to your Snapchat via Wi-fi. Content you capture on Pixy can be viewed in your Snapchat Memories and exported to your camera roll. You can also edit your content and flight settings in Snapchat.

To use Pixy, turn the dial to your desired mode. There’s Hover, where it pans out in front of you; Reveal, where it flies up to capture a wide shot; Follow, which trails you; Orbit, which captures a 360°-view around you; and Favorite, or a preset setting.


How To Capture Content With Pixy

Place the drone in the palm of your hand at eye level and hit the shutter. The device will take off with a futuristic whir and fly itself around you. When you’re done, hold your palm under the Pixy, and it’ll land itself. Neat!

Pixy Image Quality

The photos and videos on Pixy were way better than I expected, given the camera is an ultralight plastic-framed drone. Images were crisp; colors were bright. Since it’s so light, windy-day videos might be shaky (and potentially precarious for the device).


Pixy Battery Life

Pixy’s battery only supports up to five to eight flights of up to 60 seconds each, so don’t plan to film an entire wedding ceremony with it. It’s easy to swap in fresh cartridges, though, which charge up to 80% in 20 minutes and 100% in 40.


Is The Pixy Worth It?

If you’re often in situations where you need a quick, faraway shot — say, you’re a content creator, or go to a lot of bachelorette parties — the Pixy is a super fun tool to help you capture those memories.