9 Bachelorette Parties That Any Extroverted Bride Will Love

by Brittany Bennett
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Save the peace-of-mind spa day for the weekend before the wedding. The bachelorette party is a time to let your hair down and your "BRIDE" sash flow in the wind. If you want to take every opportunity to be the center of attention — there's no shame in that — there are bachelorette party ideas for extroverts that ensure you'll have both a stage and a spotlight. Hey, you're one to shout your love from the rooftop, so let the whole town know that you are about to be off the market!

Some brides would rather stay mum about their nuptials. Perhaps a soiree in the woods or a day at the spa would suffice as a celebratory party. And that, no doubt, sounds lovely. But if you're the type of extroverted bride that wants to flaunt the fact that she's getting married, lean into the bachelorette party. Tell the bartender at the winery all about the person you're marrying. Serenade your besties with your high school throwback song at karaoke. Fill your instructor in on your honeymoon plans before swinging on the trapeze. And don't forget to Instagram everything.

The point is that you just want to have fun. There are so many venues and ideas that can entertain your extroverted ways. That way you can celebrate, and talk, the whole time. Dick straws and rhinestone tiaras totally optional.


If you're extroverted, you're not afraid to grab the mic and take the stage. There are people you have to serenade and and feelings you need to express publicly. Having a karaoke night, whether you choose to do so publicly or in a private room, allows you to literally sing your heart out.

Music Festival

Bachelorette parties have recently become like mini bestie-moons. Before marriage, a bride and all her best friends retreat to another city for a getaway. Why not make the rounds at a music festival? You'll get to sing along to your favorite songs from all of your favorite bands with all of your favorite people. And you'll score some seriously sweet Instagrams. Plus, if you love being the center of attention, let the entire crowd know that you're about to be married with classic bachelorette accessories. Who knows, maybe you'll get noticed and invited on stage.

Circus Class

An extrovert is all about flourishing in a large gathering. Why not join the circus? Just kidding, but seriously. Round up your bridal party and head to a trapeze class for a day of extreme fun.

Cooking Class

If you identify as extroverted and full time foodie, head for the nearest cooking class. Surrounded by your best friends, you'll whip up extremely delicious recipes and add a few new dishes to your culinary arsenal. This is a hands-on kind of activity which extroverts are comfortable handling.

Wine Tasting

Doesn't wine make everyone an extrovert? Talk the afternoon away over glasses of wine. Of course you can set up a DIY wine tasting in your besties living room. But if you want to make a weekend out of it, head for the wineries and chat up the local sommeliers.

Scavenger Hunt

A popular task for the bridal party? Come up with a scavenger hunt and paint the town white. Take a picture with a local celebrity. Have a stranger propose to you. Do a cartwheel. Dance on a table. Pack away the polaroid camera and hit the town with a list of fun and whacky things to do.

Paint and Sip

Painting seems like an introverted thing to do. You just sit there and brush paint onto a canvas, right? Wrong. Many paint your own pottery venues are BYOB meaning you can get the party started by creating a masterpiece. Plus, it's bound to be a night full of laughs when you peek at what your friends are creating.

Escape Room

Extroverts are all about problem solving, openly and directly. Get your girls in an escape room and solve the puzzles through communication. Not only is this a bestie exercise, it's a thrilling way to celebrate your bachelorette party.


At the core of it all, extroverts are energized just by being around people. Leave the "BRIDE" sash at home and sport a "VOLUNTEER" shirt instead if you're not really in the mood to party but still want to get out there.

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