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Everything We Know About Twitter’s “Super Follow” Feature

Paid premium content could be coming to the social media platform.

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On Feb. 25, Twitter quietly announced a buzzy new feature: Super Follows, where Twitter users can charge their followers to unlock premium content, The Verge reported.

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The feature, disclosed during a presentation for investors, seems kind of like Twitter’s answer to Patreon, Twitch, or OnlyFans: users will be able to pay creators directly for access to things like extra tweets or a newsletter subscription, per The Verge.

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Details like when it might roll out or how much it'll cost haven't yet been made public. It's worth noting that Other online creator-tipping services typically take a cut of whatever fans give to creators, and there are no indications that Super Follows would work differently.

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"Communities" is another feature that was announced on the call, and aims to build, well, communities on Twitter: users will be able to create and join groups centered around specific topic areas, says Engadget.


The goal behind features like Super Follows is to “[rethink] the incentives of our service,” a Twitter spokesperson told Recode. The platform may want to keep up with other social media that allow users to easily make money off of their follower count, The New York Times suggested.

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With one of Twitter’s best catchphrases being “I can’t believe this app is free,” though, it remains to be seen how quickly people will flock to pay for Tweets. Even really good ones.