Here’s Where To Find Your Favorite Snacks From The '90s Today

Now all you need is a Capri Sun to wash them down.

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If your snack supply is running low, why not fill it up with '90s faves? Here’s what you can still buy today.

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Nothing quite brought comfort like dipping vanilla cookies into vanilla frosting with sprinkles after a long day at school. Well, you can still dunk today — DunkAroos officially came back to stores this year. Although you can’t buy these snack-dessert hybrids online, you can find them at a local 7-Eleven.
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If you're in the mood for something savory and dunkable, relive the goodness of Ritz Handi packs. With crackers and dip, it's a gooey, crunchy, and most importantly, cheesy snack.
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Pop Rocks
When you want to add some more excitement to your snack, these tiny popping candies — in strawberry, watermelon, and tropical flavors — are like a little fireworks display on your tongue.
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These are not your average strawberry- or tropical-flavored gummy snacks. With a fruit-juice center that explodes in your mouth once you bite into them, jewel-shaped Gushers are an adventure.
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If bursts of juice in gummies aren't your thing, consider getting your fruit-flavored candy— in this case, berry tie-dye — as a thin, three-foot long roll that you'll devour in no time. This sweet snack is the perfect example of when more is more.
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This berry and strawberry yogurt isn't just reminiscent of childhood — especially with Nickelodeon-themed packaging — but it's a also an incredibly easy way to eat breakfast when you're on-the-go.
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Like a lunch kit, these packs let you play around with different flavor combinations. Although they don’t constitute a whole meal these days, these 90s favorites offer a portable way to enjoy some turkey, cheddar, and crackers — in stackable form, of course.
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