5 Differences Between YouTube Shorts & TikTok

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A woman films a vlog. YouTube shorts vs. TikTok.


In June, just over a year after Shorts debuted on YouTube in 2021, the company announced that the short-form video platform hit 1.5 billion monthly users, per TechCrunch, topping rival TikTok's 1 billion monthly users.


Shorts offers 60-second, scroll-worthy videos in the same vein of content as TikTok and Instagram Reels. But the platform has its fair share of differences from the clock app. Here are some key differences between YouTube Shorts and TikTok.

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Video Length

TikTok allows users to post videos up to three minutes long, and has even tested 10-minute videos. Shorts only allows creators to posts videos up to 60 seconds long, since the platform is meant to complement YouTube’s long-form content.


Editing Options

TikTok offers more extensive editing options, such as its AR filters and voice effects. Shorts only allows users to alter video settings like brightness and temperature, but Hootsuite notes that Shorts offers TikTok-esque features like green screen.

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A major social component of TikTok is being able to send videos and messages to friends within the app. Though Shorts videos are shareable via text and other social media channels, Shorts does not offer in-app direct messaging.

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Interactive Features

Though you can use audio from other YouTube videos in your Shorts, TikTok’s popular features like duets, stitches, and Q&A stickers are not available on Shorts.

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Similar to TikTok’s coveted Creator Fund, YouTube has a Shorts Fund that rewards creators with the top monthly engagement statistics. But in addition to the Creator Fund, TikTok offers features like Gifts and Tips for creators to receive money.

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