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5 Moments You Missed From The RNC

From Abraham Lincoln to suburbs under siege


From Aug. 24 to 27, the Republican party held its national convention, split between Charlotte, NC and the White House. The week featured political bigwigs such as Nikki Haley and Sen. Tim Scott alongside the president's family.

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1. Vice President Mike Pence posted up at Lincoln's cabin.

Throughout the convention, speakers leaned on President Lincoln as their Republican forefather, and no one as explicitly as Pence, who talked to viewers from the site of Lincoln's childhood home in Lincoln City, Indiana. (Historians argue that due to party realignment over time, "Trump’s party has embraced the ideas Lincoln opposed.")


2. Melania Trump acknowledged the pandemic.

On the penultimate night, the First Lady spoke about the pain and grief caused by COVID-19, a topic her husband has been criticized for ignoring. In an unrelated moment, the color of her closing-night attire was perfectly suited for a made-for-meme green screen.

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3. The president's family landed coveted speaking roles.

In addition to Melania Trump, the president's children spoke at length: Don Jr., Ivanka, Eric, and Tiffany. To further hammer home the family name, the week ended with a "Trump 2020" firework display over the National Mall. (The RNC's use of the National Mall, among other moments from the week, has been criticized as an ethical violation.)

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4. Trump hosted a naturalization ceremony.

In a recorded video from the White House, the president oversaw a naturalization ceremony for five people. (Two of the women say their inclusion in the RNC happened without their knowledge.) It was a stark departure from Trump's anti-immigration messaging and policies.

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5. The suburbs got their spotlight.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, a St. Louis couple facing felony charges for brandishing guns at Black Lives Matter protestors, spoke via recorded video. Democrats "want to abolish the suburbs altogether," Patricia said. This messaging echoes recent tweets from President Trump, who's focused on a supposed threat to the "suburban lifestyle dream."

With conventions now complete, both parties will look toward the first presidential debate on Tuesday, Sept. 29.

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