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The Best 2000s Outfits from High School Musical

Shrugs, newsboy caps, and more.

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Courtesy of Disney

Courtesy of Disney

High School Musical was a cultural reset. The film provided a time capsule for 2000s fashion that demands to be appreciated. Ahead, the best throwback looks from the movie that still hit today.

Courtesy of Disney

Tees Over Long Sleeves

Layering was at its height in the 2000s, when the cast wore tees over long-sleeve shirts of all styles.
Bring the early 2000s look into the modern day with a cropped tee and sheer long sleeve underneath.
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Courtesy of Disney

Drop Waist Dresses

Last but absolutely not least, Gabriella concluded the film in a bright red dress with 2000s-era flourishes like a drop-waist and fitted bodice.
Delphine dress
Selfie Leslie
Update Gabriella’s look with a sultry date night version in this pretty blush hue.
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Courtesy of Disney

Limitless Layering

To quote another ‘00s favorite “the limit does not exist” when it comes to HSM layers.
The key to layering is always an oversized jacket. This denim design feels just a little bit cooler than Troy’s hoodie.
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Courtesy of Disney

“Going Out” Looks

The “going out” top was a mainstay of the early-aughts. Gabriella shows off the most popular way of styling the satin cami, teaming it with a pair of flare jeans and finishing with a cropped cardigan sweater.
A scoop neck silk cami brings this look into 2022.
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Courtesy of Disney


Leave it to Sharpay to wear the most eye-catching trends of the 2000s, one of the most memorable being her sequin-covered shrug. Adding even more sparkle to her already crystal-studded cami and peasant mini skirt, her look was the envy of viewers everywhere.
Shrugs can still be chic, especially if it is a matching set.
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Courtesy of Disney

Newsboy Caps

Siblings Sharpay and Ryan both took part in the throwback trend, adding newsboy caps to as many looks as they could.
While no one can rock a newsboy cap like Sharpay and Ryan, this version feels a bit more updated if you care to try.
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