15 Designers Who Represent Fashion's Bright Future, According To Industry Experts

"The only way fashion even has a future is if it’s fair and inclusive on all levels, from design to production."

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A model walks the runway at the Fe Noel fashion show during September 2022 New York Fashion Week
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The fashion industry is finally taking note of societal changes and making strides to become more inclusive. Diversity and sustainability are being prioritized and you quite simply love to see it. Ahead, fashion insiders share the designers making them excited about the industry's future.

Additional reporting by Mekita Rivas and Allie Fasanella

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“Ester Manas has sizing that allows an XS to a 3XL to wear a given piece. Their spring 2023 show celebrated diversity in all forms. The candy-colored hues and unusual shapes looked great on everyone — a benchmark every designer should be striving for.” — Véronique Hyland, Elle Fashion Features Director and author of Dress Code

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"It's impossible to discuss fashion's future without including Bruce and Glen Proctor, the twin brothers and designers behind BruceGlen. The unisex label is sustainably made and pieces are a celebration of style rooted in joy."— Elly Ayres, Bustle Associate Director of Branded Fashion Content

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“Elena Velez examines femininity with corsets, ball gown skirts, and opera gloves that are nothing like the princess-like silhouettes we all grew up with. She highlights her Milwaukee roots by using materials like steel in her collections.” — Frances Solá-Santiago, Refinery29 Fashion Writer

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“There wasn't person who left the room after Fe Noel’s show without feeling moved. When a designer's first show elicits an emotional response, that's a sign of a very bright future. Whimsical designs floated across the runway with a closing look that symbolized the wage gap.” — Sierra Mayhew, Associate Fashion Editor at Who What Wear

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“Casey Cadwallader had big shoes to fill, but what he managed to do was employ Mugler's signature techniques and make them accessible to a modern audience.” — Phillip Picardi, GQ Columnist

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“My hope is that his vision makes its way to retail in a larger capacity so we can all witness his magic. It helps that he is as sensitive and kind as he is talented.” — Picardi


“We have been at a very crucial junction in fashion for some time now and it will be even more futile with the onslaught of the pandemic. Many designers we love won’t be able to make it but I have hope in Christopher John Rogers.” — Amanda Murray, Creative Consultant

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“Rogers is in a microcosm of his own, telling his own story with fashion as a vehicle. So many brands look the same, but when I see his work, I know and feel that it’s him. He’s not on the scene, he’s just in his office with his team doing the work.” — Murray

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“Siying Qu of Private Policy is the future of fashion. America was built on the foundation of various cultures melding together, and that exchange is key to a colorful and inclusive future.” — Alexander Julian, Stylist

Puppets And Puppets
“Puppets and Puppets. They are escapism, which is what we always need. The construction, craft, and concept are always exciting to experience: to see what they are going to do next and how.” — Richie Shazam, Model, Artist, & Activist


“In my mind, the only way fashion even has a future is if it’s fair and inclusive on all levels, from design to production. I think that Pierre Davis of No Sesso is a great example of doing that in a real, tangible way.” — Alyssa Hardy, InStyle Senior News Director

11 Honoré
“The future of fashion is inclusive and mindful. I think about what brands like 11 Honoré are doing with their essentials collection: smart, pared down, and style-forward. I also think about Loud Bodies, a UK-based ethically-minded brand with sizes small to 7X.” — Kellie Brown, Influencer

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“Fashion is one of the top polluting industries. To change that, we need to invest in brands that design more thoughtfully. Nanushka integrates sustainability at all levels, from its use of organic fabrics to its support of local artisans.” — Sasha Skoda, Head of Women's at The RealReal

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“Telfar Clemens charters the future of fashion — I mean, who doesn't want to get their hands on one of Telfar's highly-coveted Shopping Bags? It's important that we support Black-owned brands, because having diverse perspectives will only help the industry to innovate and grow.” — Skoda

“The way Anifa Mvuemba showcased her recent Hanifa collection during lockdown was very innovative. Many brands will adopt this medium to cut down on costs.” — Laurel Hunter, Stylist

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“Ganni is the future of fashion because it strikes the perfect balance between fast fashion and high-end, while being neither. Every season, I keep going back to Ganni either for the perfect little summer dress or a fun T-shirt. It's become a staple in my closet.” — Ellie Delphine, Influencer

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