The Most Memorable MOBO Looks From The '00s

From Mis-Teeq's red leather co-ords to Jamelia's sparkly belts.

Samantha Mumba performing at the 2001 MOBO Awards.
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Standout style moments at the MOBOs are never in short supply, but one of its most memorable eras has to be the early ’00s, when handkerchief tops, low-rise jeans, & body art were all the rage. Ahead of the 2021 ceremony, here are my favourite looks from fashion’s most divisive decade.

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Lisa Left Eye, 2000

When the late Lisa Lopez hosted the 5th MOBO awards, the TLC singer came prepared with multiple looks (and wigs), each one as iconic as the last. But noting can top Left-Eye’s green-hair, sequinned jumpsuit moment, which wouldn’t look out of place on a Cardi B mood board.

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Beverly Knight, 2001

As if we needed more evidence that Beverly Knight is – and always will be – an icon of British music, this super-low-rise jeans, mid-rif baring moment did help certify the singer’s official legend status.

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Kelis, 2001

Kelis has always had main character energy and her 2001 MOBO outfit is just one example of that. Consisting of a repurposed t-shirt with ripped fringing and expertly placed diamante body art, this looks was a reminder that the singer has always been that girl.

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Samantha Mumba, 2001

Do we give our Irish pop babe Samantha Mumba enough credit for her stellar contributions to Y2K style? I think not. Between the very teeny pink lace dress and pink diamond enrusted crucifixes, this MOBO outfit really was everything.

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Mis-Teeq, 2001

Remember back when girl bands would have dress alike, otherwise they weren’t a real girl band? Mis-Teeq’s 2001 look was a fire-engine red leather masterpiece, complete with the oh-so-good glitter body jewellery around the belly button.

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Sugababes, 2002

If I had to describe the best of Y2K fashion to a Gen-Z er, I’d likely show them this photo. The girl band, in its fresh new line-up, rocked the hell out of a satin handkerchief top, plus Keisha’s brassy blond highlights epitomise iconic 00s GHD-straight hair.

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Jamelia, 2004

Ever the pop starlet, Jamelia offered glamour at the awards ceremony in a tangerine orange gown complete with peak noughties sparkly bets. Plus an immaculately beat face, which we can still appreciate today.

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Fearne Cotton, 2004

Ah pedal pushers. Remember those? It turns out even Fearne Cotton fell prey to the exposed-ankle-trend that plagued the early noughties, but, major kudos for rocking the bakers boy hat AND see-through shirt combo. A classic look.

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Shystie, 2004

Designer logos are having their moment again but back in the ’90s and ’00s, braggadocious prints were EVERYWHERE. Shystie’s matchy-matchy Dior print co-ord (all the way down to socks) is a seriously impressive commitment to a look, and I adore it.

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Mary J Blige, 2004

Mary J Blige has long been a style icon and this head-to-toe leopard printed combo is a delightful reminder that this failsafe print will, never, ever die.

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Brandy, 2004

Ask around, Brandy’s super short tartan skirt wouldn’t look out of place on today’s fashionistas. Imagine this paired with chunky boots and you have yourself a Instagram fashion reel.

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Kelle Byran, 2006

I don’t really understand this outfit. And yet, I think that’s why it’s a MOBO classic. Before the days of Loose Women and Hollyoaks, Eternal singer Kelle Bryan presented a sharp corseted, snake-skin print outfit that certainly made a statement.

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Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, 2006

Big Brother star Aisleyne’s take on the Canadian Tuxedo may not beat that of JT and Britney’s red carpet moment a few years prior, but the tiny, bejwelled denim coord was certainly memorable.

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Mel B, 2008

Mel B’s new millennium MOBO outfits deserves serious credit for its fun, futuristic style. Put together well before the days of TikTok tutorials, the Spice Girls’ carefully crafted up-do reminds me of simpler days when all I had was a can of hair spray, a few bobby pins, and a dream.

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