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11 At-Home Date Ideas Inspired By TV Shows

How to stay in and have fun, like Jess and Nick.

Once you and your partner have finished watching everything there is to watch on Netflix, it's time to get up and plan a few fun at-home dates inspired by your favorite TV shows. Because you never have to fully part ways with Parks and Rec.


Inspired by The Great British Baking Show, pull out some sugar, flour, and baking sheets, and see what you can make in the kitchen. When you're done, judge each other's creations, Mary Berry style.

Play Games

Remember the episode of Friends where they get super competitive over a game of Trivial Pursuit? Play a round with your partner — or dust off a favorite board game — and you'll have yourselves a night.

Order Tons Of Take-Out

Recreate the Gilmore Girls episode where Rory moves into Yale, and order take-out from all the best restaurants in town. (Don't be afraid to keep all the pizza for yourselves.)

Plant A Garden

Whether you plant basil in a window box or create an extravagant backyard garden, let The Big Flower Fight inspire you to get your hands dirty.

Have A "Practice Date"

Make like Ann and Leslie in Parks and Recreation and create your own "practice date" at home. That way, you'll be fully ready the next time you actually want to go out.


If you're into home improvement shows, like Interior Design Masters, then look for small projects to do around your apartment, and turn it into a date night. Because what's more romantic than caulking a sink with your beloved? Pretty much nothing.

Get Fancy

Inspired by Schitt's Creek, treat yourselves to a luxurious night in by pouring something bubbly and kicking back on the couch.

Start A Book Club

Inspired by Chidi and Eleanor's love story in The Good Place, why not start a book club and expand your minds? Meet up on Friday nights, pour a few glasses of wine, and have yourselves a great conversation.

Cooking Challenge

If you can't get enough of cooking shows, like The Big Family Cooking Showdown, then challenge your partner to a face-off in the kitchen. Limit yourselves to a select few ingredients, hit a timer, and start cooking.

Talk About The Future

Spend an evening talking about the future, like Liz and Gretchen in 30 Rock. But if that feels like too much, simply partake in some night cheese.

Watch A Movie

If you'd like to stay home, why not tear a page from Jess and Nick in New Girl, and keep it simple? All you really need to have fun is a big bowl of popcorn, a movie, and each other. Aww.