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11 Outdoor Dates Inspired By Your Favorite Movies

Make the most of the season.

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Summer's coming to an end, and right now the only dates you can really go on are of the outdoor variety. So if you're down to hike or picnic or row on a lake, look no further than these movie-inspired outdoor dates. Let's squeeze a bit more out of the season, shall we?

Rent A Vespa

Make like Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday and scoot around town on a Vespa. If you can't find one, hop on bikes for the ultimate outdoor date. (Just don't ride through a cafe, OK?)

Swim In A Pool

To channel the fabulousness that is Elle's life in Legally Blonde, get yourselves a kiddie pool, make a few tropical drinks, and spend the afternoon splashing around. If you have a friend with a real pool who will let you stop by for a few hours, even better.

Ride Jet Skis

While the jet skiing date didn't exactly go as planned in Hitch, this is still a fun way to spend a day outside, whether you're at the beach — or the Hudson River.

Go To A Skyscraper

To steal from Sleepless in Seattle, trek on over to your city's tallest skyscraper and travel up to the top. If you don't have any nearby, stroll around town holding hands, and get a coffee or two.

Play Basketball

Like Monica and Quincy in Love and Basketball, you could easily spend an entire day playing basketball outside. But to kick the date up a notch, move it back home in the evening, and start a sexy game of strip basketball.

Explore The Woods

If you're a fan of Wes Anderson's movies, tear a page from Moonrise Kingdom and meet your crush in the middle of a field, then set off for an adventure (read: hike) through the woods. Don't forget your binoculars.

Drive-In Movie

Are there any drive-in movie theaters near you? If so, get inspired by Grease and watch a few flicks in the dark. Bonus points if you bring a milkshake and fries. Singing optional.

Play Guitar On The Beach

50 First Dates literally offers fifty ideas for summer date nights. But when in doubt, you can never go wrong with relaxing on the beach and strumming a guitar. Hopefully it'll be unforgettable.

Watch A Sunset

If you love How Stella Got Her Groove Back (and who doesn't?) then venture out just before sunset and find a romantic place to sit. Curl up on a blanket like Stella and Winston, sip Champagne, and soon you'll be having an equally sexy evening.

Row Around A Lake

Even if it doesn't rain in a way that makes you realize you're in love, nothing says "summer date" quite like paddling around on a lake, just like Allie and Noah in The Notebook.

Draw In The Garden

Pull inspiration from Greta Gerwig's Little Women and find a comfy patch of grass, then attempt to sketch each other, or whatever else is in view. If your date gives you a smoldering Timothée Chalamet look, you'll know it's going well.