This Deodorant May Actually Convince You To Make The Switch To Natural

The pandemic purchases we stand by.

by Bustle Editors

Read on for the products that brought us sleep, escapes, and long-lasting makeup.

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A retelling of the 'Iliad,' this time from the Trojan women’s POV, this book completely changed the way I looked at the Trojan War. So beautifully written, it was the perfect little escape from the pandemic and into Greek mythology. —Lindsey Burns, Social Media Editor
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I have no idea how this little plastic platform (it’s not a bowl!) keeps any ant from so much as approaching a bowl you place on top of it. The reviews are ecstatic, and allegedly there are no chemicals involved. —Margaret Wheeler Johnson, Features Editor
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Staying at home for the last 4 months felt like the time to transition to natural deodorant. This version lets me smell like the freshest version of myself, without the excessively soapy scent of your typical drugstore anti-perspirant. —Melanie Mignucci, Health & Wellness Editor
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The gym isn't an option right now, so I'm relying even more on my outdoor runs. I love this smartwatch because it shows my pace and mileage as well as things like heart rate and elevation changes — the data nerd in me loves geeking out over the numbers. —Christina Amoroso, Executive Editor
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I haven't worn much makeup during quarantine, but these shadow sticks recently came to the rescue. They’re primer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and brush all in one. The formula is bulletproof, so touch-ups are 100% not required. —Princess Gabbara, Associate Lifestyle Editor
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My psychiatrist recommended I take melatonin to help with anxiety spiraling when the pandemic began. It’s a natural hormone, which helps regulate sleep and people’s circadian rhythms. I could write odes and sonnets to my berry-flavored chewables. –Brianna Kovan, Rule Breakers Editor
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I began getting these produce boxes (you can also get meat, fish, dairy, etc.) at the start of the pandemic. Not only do they eliminate food waste, but they last me all week so I don’t have to worry about going to the jam-packed grocery store. —Michelle Toglia, Deputy Lifestyle Editor
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