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11 Snow Day Dates, Inspired By Movies

Those snowballs aren't going to throw themselves.

While lots of people grumble when they see snowstorms on the horizon, the rest of us embrace "bad" weather — and even kind of look forward to it. If you fall into the latter category and need snow day date ideas, here are few based on your favorite movies.

Have A Snowball Fight

Let's start off with the obvious. If your neighborhood is quickly filling with snow, get inspired by Elf and start a snowball fight. Invite friends to join in, show off your fastball, and take no prisoners.

Build A Snowman

Build a snowman while you laugh and flirt, just like they do in Groundhog Day. If it's snowy tomorrow, do it again. And the next day, and...

Try A Winter Sport

I'm not suggesting you hurl yourself down a hill like Georgia in Last Holiday. But I'm not not saying that, either. Live it up by giving snowboarding a try — or curling, or ice hockey, or cross country skiing. Whatever sounds fun.

Solve A Murder Mystery

Get a mystery board game and spend the day expertly piecing clues together, the way police chief Marge Gunderson does in Fargo.

Take A Wintry Walk

Snow days are so sparkly and quiet, they're almost other-worldly. So bundle up, find a scenic trail or park, and crunch through the snow while pretending you're in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Go Ice Skating

Find a skating rink and twirl each other on the ice, à la The Preacher's Wife. Even if you have a death-grip on the wall the entire time, it'll still be romantic.

Draw Each Other

Make like Jack and Rose in Titanic and sketch each other, perhaps while reclining sexily on the couch — or while wearing flannel pajamas, because it's freezing. It'll either be highly romantic, or ridiculously funny, depending on your skills.

Take An Online Class

Learn something new, like they're always doing in Little Women. (Think painting, embroidering, playing an instrument, etc.) Take advantage of being in the 21st century, however, and sign up for a course online.

Make Dinner From Scratch

Achieve cozy Hogwarts vibes by making a dinner that's warm and hardy, like a roast with mashed potatoes and homemade bread. Eat together in front of the fireplace — or space heater.

Read Side By Side

Stay warm indoors whilst working on your novels, writing poetry, or reading books, like they do in The Shining. But if you find yourselves running through a maze, stop — you've gone too far into the fantasy.

Do A Whole Puzzle

If you're truly stuck inside — due to an apocalyptic snowstorm, like the one in The Day After Tomorrow — spend it doing something extra time-consuming. Set up dominoes, complete a puzzle, or learn an entire TikTok dance.