Dan Levy's 9 Loveliest Quotes About Family

Not every family can win a slew of Emmys together, but the Levy family sets an example of how to be loving and sane in the spotlight.


On not being spoiled as a kid

"My parents would say, 'If we give you everything now, what will you possibly have to look forward to and appreciate when you grow up?'" he told Flare.

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On growing up in show business

"[My dad] wanted us to have a pretty normal life and one that wasn’t necessarily affected by the industry or all that comes with growing up in Hollywood," Levy told Interview. "It's very rare for someone in entertainment to put their family before work."

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On learning from his dad

"I don’t think there’s a single person you could find in Hollywood that would say a bad thing about [my dad]," Levy told Variety. "That is an exceptional model to set for me."

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On sibling squabbles

"In high school you do your best to understand your siblings and accept them for who they are," Levy told Interview about his relationship with his sister Sarah. "There were some fights. My parents would never let them get bad: 'You have to go to bed at peace and in love.'"

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On his mom, Deborah Divine

"My mom is really the comedian of our household," Levy told The Globe and Mail. "So much of my understanding of what's funny comes from osmosis and just being under that roof."

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It's a very lovely gift to be able to come to work every day with your family and see them do good work.


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On following in his dad's footsteps

"To be associated with my dad is a real compliment," Levy told Vogue. "Now that I have a small amount of experience in this industry, it has really opened my eyes to just how respectful he has been about his career and the people he works with."

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On coming out to his family

"My mom asked me one day at lunch in a very lovely and respectful way," Levy told Vulture. "I was finally comfortable enough to say yes, I was gay, and it really was never talked about again."

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On mixing family and work

"I really feel like my dad and I have really managed to navigate six years of working together, and being related to each other, and come out on top of it," Levy told Variety.

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