9 Dos & Don’ts To Help You Make The Most Of The April Full Moon

Meditation will be your best friend.

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The April full moon arrives on April 6 at 12:37 a.m ET. As la luna enters Libra for the first full moon of spring, it’s sure to bring a lot of excitement. To effectively harness the energy of the moon, follow these dos and don’ts from astrologer Brilla Samay.
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DO: Reflect On Your Goals

Full moons are great for setting intentions. “Spend some time reflecting on what is getting in the way of your goals and intentions for the month,” says Samay. “Allow yourself to release old blockages and ways of thinking.”

DON’T: Compare Yourself To Others

This lunation, Samay recommends embracing your own “unique journey and path” by refraining from “putting unattainable standards on yourself or comparing yourself to others.”
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DO: Practice Gratitude

According to the astrologer, expressions of gratitude can be as simple as thanking the Universe for all the “positive aspects in your life,” as well as thanking all the people you feel blessed to have in your life.

DON’T: Fall Back Into Old Habits

More specifically: don’t text your ex. “Like a hangover, I promise it won’t feel good the next day,” shares Samay.

DO: Release Negative Emotions

Samay suggests releasing any “negative energy or emotions that may be holding you back,” either through “journaling, having a meaningful conversation with a trusted friend, or engaging in a spiritual practice like smudging.”
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DON’T: Make Hasty Decisions

The heightened energy of the full moon might inspire you to make some changes to your appearance, but Samay recommends fighting back against those urges, as permanent beauty decisions “could come back to haunt you.”

DO: Ground Yourself In Nature

Spring is officially in full bloom, so don’t forget to take it all in by spending some time in nature. Samay proposes using this time to practice deep breathing or other grounding exercises.

DON’T: Take On Negativity

Trying not to feel “overpowered by the intensity of others” is a must this full moon. “You will notice today that other people are dumping their woes on you,” says Samay. “Remember your personal boundaries and use them like a weapon!”

DO: Practice Self-Care

Remember to listen to your body and nurture it however you feel fit. Self-care can be a warm bath after a long day, a cathartic writing session, or a night spent drawing at home with your friends.