7 Dos & Don'ts To Follow For The August 2023 Full Moon

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How to make the most of the full moon on Aug. 1.
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The August 2023 full moon shakes up traditions on Aug. 1 as it moves into rebellious Aquarius. This lunation is about uplifting our hopes and encouraging us to think outside of the box. Follow these dos and don'ts to harness the air sign power.

DO: Lean On Your Support System

As a social air sign, Aquarius places camaraderie high on their list. Surrounding yourself with comfortable and safe relationships supports your sensitive side during this lunation. Oh, and don't forget to show your besties appreciation!

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DO: Take Action On Your Goals

Full moons empower us to close the chapter. With passionate Mars making a trine to expansive Jupiter, we're especially encouraged to take those final steps in actualizing goals — so submit that proposal and sign that contract!

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DO: See The Bigger Picture

Aquarius tends to paint with broad strokes, and with Jupiter's presence during this full moon, they're prompted to see the big picture. Center focus on your major goal. What are your deepest values, and how are you aligned with them?

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DO: Get Organized

As the full moon in hopeful Aquarius prompts us to look to the future, take this time to plan ahead. Plus, action-forward Mars shows extra support in anticipating what's to come. It's time to filter out unwanted energy and outgrown relationships.

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DON’T: Future Trip

Inducing anxiety about the future is par for the course as the sensitive moon trips out in forward-thinking Aquarius. Keep yourself grounded in the present through breathing exercises, nature meditation, or your preferred way to get grounded.

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DON’T: Hold Grudges

The full moon squares off with big-shot Jupiter, straddling our hearts and sense of pride. This can cause stubbornness and resistance to let go. Don't fight it! Follow Aquarius' lead in seeking understanding, especially when burying the hatchet.

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DON’T: Forget To Fill Your Cup

Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac — they're water bearers, duh! But it's important to not lose sight of your needs. We are in Leo season, and it's okay to give yourself your flowers, too!

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