Dyson Is Dropping Futuristic, Air-Purifying Headphones

It's the brand's first foray into wearable tech.

Dyson Zone

Dyson is set to launch its first foray into the wearable tech category with the Dyson Zone — noise-canceling, air-purifying, over-the-ear headphones. A compatible app to track your listening and air stats will also be released.


Why the air-purifying feature? Tom Moody, Dyson’s chief commercial officer, said in a briefing that the brand aims to address the issue of air pollution. “More than 99% of people live in areas that fail to meet the World Health Organization’s air quality guidelines,” he said.

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Besides air pollution, which can cause negative health effects, Dyson Zone is also tackling noise pollution. “Exposure to noise pollution is part of city life,” said Moody. “Today, more than 50% of people live in cities, and that number is predicted to rise to 70% by 2050.”

Dyson Zone

To take on both environmental concerns, the Dyson Zone blocks out city noise, delivers an immersive listening experience, and streams purified air when you need it. The filters in the earphones can capture over 99% of particles as small as 0.1 microns in diameter.


The device comes with a hands-free detachable visor that covers the nose and mouth to deliver two streams of purified air via the filters in the earcups.

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On top of its mind-blowing technology, the Dyson Zone offers the high-quality sound you’d expect from any pair of headphones. And, despite all that it does, it provides up to 50 hours of run time using only audio and four if you're also using the air-purifying feature.


I know you’re wondering: So how much is this futuristic contraption going to cost me? A cool $949. It’ll retail first in China, then it’ll be available for pre-order in the U.S. in March. Until then, you can continue enjoying your non-air-purifying earbuds.