How To Support LGBTQ+ Communities Affected By Recent Legislation

You can help by donating money and more.

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Over the past week, LGBTQ+ rights have come under attack in different parts of the nation. On Feb. 23, Gov. Greg Abbott directed Texas’s Department of Family and Protective Services to consider gender-affirming care for transgender youth child abuse.

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On Feb. 24, Florida’s House of Representatives passed the “Don’t Say Gay or Trans” bill and “Stop WOKE Act.” If signed into law, these bills would ban LGBTQ+ resources and discussions in classrooms and workplaces.

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GLAAD reported that by the end of January, 2022 was already a record-setting year for anti-LGBTQ+ bills with nearly 150 proposed. Amid the current climate, there are several ways you can support LGBTQ+ communities, whether by donating money or spreading awareness.

You can donate to the Transgender Education Network of Texas, an organization that promotes social, legislative, and corporate education about gender diverse equality online.

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ACLU of Texas put together a landing page of resources for transgender, non-binary, and genderqueer students in Texas. This thread offers ways to support.

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Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay or Trans” bill called for banning LGBTQ+-related discussions and requiring teachers to report students who come out. Donate to the Equality Florida Institute here to help stop the bill from becoming law.

Human Rights Campaign is currently working with partner organizations to mobilize LGBTQ+ allies to speak out against these harmful bills in both Texas and Florida. You can donate to them here.

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The Trevor Project accepts donations and volunteers to work toward its mission of supporting LGBTQ+ youth. It also offers resources like this guide to being an ally to transgender and non-binary young people, which you can share on your social networks to spread awareness.