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13 Different Sides Of TikTok Beyond Dancing

FoodieTok, NostalgiaTok, #cottagecore — your For You page contains multitudes.

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Screenshots via TikTok show the different sides of the app.
Screenshots via TikTok

There's more to TikTok than Alt TikTok vs. Straight TikTok. Through exploring hashtags and engaging with seemingly niche interests — like medical mysteries or early aughts nostalgia — you can unlock vast communities within the app. Here's a guide to just some of the different "sides" of TikTok.


#foodie #schoollunch #baking #eat #tiktokfood #eatemup #easyrecipe

Whether you're looking for dinner suggestions or love watching someone put together a bento box, Foodietok has it all. You'll find trends like cloud bread or Dalgona coffee, food prep hacks, slow-mo cheese pulls, and more.

Medical Mystery TikTok

#storytime #surgery #emergency #truestory

"It's just a song, an inefficient way to move the story along..." If you've been on Medical Mystery TikTok, you know the unofficial theme song for dramatic stories that cheerfully narrate emergencies ranging from hidden pregnancies to rare diseases.


#disney #disneyland #childhoodruined

On this corner of TikTok, you'll find Disney fan art, Disney theme park food recipes, Disney parodies, princess dress up and role play, and a lot of clips from movies depicting cheeky references you probably missed when you were younger.

Queer TikTok

#lesbiantiktok #lgbtq #forthegirls #bitok #gaytok #pride

Videos tagged with #gaytiktok have over 1.4 billion views, making this one of the most popular communities on the app. Here you'll find relationship humor, coming out stories, and commentary on queer culture.

Homestead TikTok

#cottagecore #farmlife #fairycore #homesteadlife #vanlife #tinyhome

Go off the grid with this side of TikTok, featuring cabin decor, dairy farming, and a lot of jam recipes. The nature-forward trend is both an aesthetic and a lifestyle to be inspired by.

Renovation & Clean-Up TikTok

#beforeandafter #cleanwithme #crimescenecleaning #deepcleaning #remodel #renovation

From antique home restorations and she-shed transformations, to crime scene clean-up, and pipe unclogging, this peculiar subset is focused on domestic glow-ups.


#frogtok #froggo #frogtime

FrogTok is exactly what it sounds like. There's a surprisingly vast array from frog content, from pet frogs wearing hats, to animated frogs dancing. This subset is a core pillar of Alt TikTok, marked by its absurdist humor.

Paranormal TikTok

#paranormal #haunted #scary #ghosts #haunteddoll

If you like being scared, engage with these hashtags and enter Paranormal TikTok. There, you'll find ghost hunters, allegedly unedited footage of unexplainable events, and story times with a terrifying twist.

Conspiracy GlitchTok

#conspiracytheories #glitch #governmentcontrol

If you think you're living in the matrix, entangle yourself into this web. Here, Katy Perry is JonBenét Ramsey, half the presidents are aliens, and we're all living in The Truman Show.

Mom TikTok

#momsoftiktok #coolmom #babynames

For relatable content about parenting, baby name inspiration, and endless footage of babies doing cute or hilarious things, head to Mom Tok — she's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom.

Art TikTok

#arttok #artchallenge #myart #artist #drawing #artwork

Be mesmerized by time lapse videos of paintings coming to life, experimental art projects, and animations from some of TikTok's dynamic collection of artists.

Mental Health TikTok

#mentalhealthmatters #anxiety #depression #suicideawareness #gaslighting

This part of TikTok is a community by and for people living with mental illness. Here you'll find mental health professionals offering advice and relatable creators who want to share their stories.


#2000sthrowback #childhood #nostalgia #flashback

If you're a millennial and you miss the cartoons you watched when you were younger or the processed foods you'd eat for lunch, step back in time with NostalgiaTok to relive it all.

If you want to go even deeper into the different communities of TikTok, scroll through the page for the "Now I Know What's Real What's Fake" audio, which is often used to "welcome" people to new sides of the app.

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