Starbucks Wants To Ditch Disposable Cups In The Next Few Years

By 2025, the brand hopes reusable cups are the norm.

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During Starbucks’ 30th annual shareholder meeting on March 16 the brand announced customers will soon be able to order with reusable containers during every Starbucks visit in the United States and Canada. Prepare to enjoy your Pink Drink in your own favorite cup by next year.

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Currently, reusable cups are only accepted for in-store orders. By the end of 2023, Starbucks will start accepting or distributing reusable cups in-store, at the drive-thru, and via mobile order.

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Starbucks said the goal is for reusable mugs to be the norm across U.S. stores by 2025. To do so, three different initiatives that make it easier for people to avoid single-use cups are being tested: Borrow A Cup, 100% Reusable Operating Models, and Personal Cups & For-Here-Ware.


“Borrow A Cup” allows customers to order their drink in a cup meant to be returned to stores so it can be cleaned and reused by other customers.

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Starbucks has also tested “100% Reusable Operating Models,” which eliminate single-use cups entirely and instead offer customers reusable cups or regular mugs. You can also bring your own favorite tumbler cup or travel mug to be used in stores.


“Personal Cups & For-Here-Ware” will encourage customers to bring their own cups when they order at Starbucks or they will alternatively be offered typical mugs and plates when they choose to sit in store.

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To encourage customers to stop using disposable cups, Starbucks currently offers a reusable red cup giveaway during the holiday season. Additionally all orders with a reusable cup receive a $.10 discount.

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The brand is also working to make their products more earth-friendly by using more sustainably sourced materials, such as upcycled paper for cups and compostable straws. A new disposable cup will begin roll out this year and will be available at all United States stores by 2024.

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